ASAE Annual 2023: Trending topics and insights for your association

We had the best time seeing you at ASAE Annual 2023 in Atlanta! Our Nimble AMS team loved connecting with so many association professionals and gaining valuable industry insights from the ASAE 2023 sessions. 

The theme of the 2023 ASAE Annual Meeting and Exposition was “Shape Your Purpose.” Sessions featuring top industry leaders encouraged association professionals to define both their personal and organizational purposes.  

If you couldn’t make it to ASAE 2023, don’t worry! Read our blog for a helpful recap of everything trending at #ASAE23. 

6 trending topics at ASAE Annual 2023

The Nimble AMS team learned so much from attending ASAE 2023. Here are six valuable #ASAE23 takeaways for your association: 

1. Digital wallets are ubiquitous.

Association professionals weren’t the only ones who attended ASAE 2023. This year, digital wallets, like Apple Pay or Google Pay, showed up in a major way. At ASAE 2023, both attendees and vendors leveraged digital wallets. Our Nimble AMS team even noticed a water bottle vendor outside of the event accepting digital wallet payments.

Does your AMS accept digital wallet payments? With more and more people using digital wallets, your association should leverage the latest technology to streamline member dues and online purchases. Nimble AMS accepts Apple Pay and Google Pay so your association can offer even more payment options to your members.

2. Setting mission-based goals.

Keeping with ASAE’s theme of “Define Your Purpose,” keynote speaker, Daymond John spoke about the importance of goal setting. Association leaders should consider your organization’s mission and define specific actions to amplify your impact.

As you examine your mission, think about what can help you reach your goals quickly. For example, perhaps your goal is to improve your member experience by offering valuable membership benefits. To meet this goal, your association could consider adopting innovative association management software (AMS) to enhance member engagement and boost retention.

3. Keeping up with emerging trends.

It can be a challenge to stay ahead of shifting member expectations. Melissa Markus, Community Brands Senior VP of Sales, spoke on the ever-changing nature of association trends. To empower association professionals to grow their organizations, this session addressed member expectations, learning trends, and technology-driven solutions.

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4. Change your perspective.

As an association leader, it’s wise to broaden your perspective to increase your organization’s resilience. To define your organization’s vision, ASAE keynote speaker, Chad E. Foster, encouraged association professionals to look within. In the face of disruption, your association can take advantage of disadvantages, looking for opportunities to ensure your organization shines.  

5. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all the rage.

ASAE 2023 showcased practical applications of AI. More and more professionals are beginning to leverage AI at their associations. Expect AI to remain relevant in the coming years and consider adopting AI at your association.

Does your AMS make it simple to leverage AI? With Nimble AMS, your association can work smarter, not harder, with AI. Utilize Nimble AMS Predications to decrease workload and increase revenue. Boost member retention with Nimble AMS’ powerful AI by identifying at-risk members and intervening to increase membership renewal.

6. Advance your mission. 

Storytelling is a powerful medium to convey your association’s mission and elevate your impact. Keynote speaker, Soledad O’Brien, discussed how association professionals should utilize honest storytelling to capture the attention of members and key stakeholders. Your association has the potential to make a valuable contribution to your industry, ultimately making the world a better place. 

See you at the next ASAE Annual

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