A Seriously Nimble (And Free) Tool That Every Salesforce Admin Needs

Matt Simonis

February 22, 2016

    At NimbleUser our implementation teams spend their days (and sometime their nights) implementing Nimble AMS, our Association Management Software built on the Salesforce App Cloud.  Our team identified Salesforce annoyances and limitations were costing our team time and frustration.
    I wrote Boostr to address these Salesforce frustrations / limitations and to boost productivity. Currently there are four features, with more to come soon! This Chrome extension will constantly be improved with new features being added.

    Change Set Assistant

    Boostr adds a search bar and type filter to the Salesforce Change Set interface. Checking the checkbox in the table header will only check the rows that are visible. Boostr also adds a Show All link above the paging to show all items for the current item type.

    Field Set API Names

    Boostr adds the API name next to the field name when adding the field to a change set.  This addresses a  known Salesforce issue where certain related fields will all display as the same name (eg. BillingAddress or Name instead of BillingStreet and FirstName, respectively).

    Setup Search

    In the Salesforce Setup area if you try and use the quick search in the left sidebar before the placeholder text is loaded, your text will be appended to the placeholder text and your search will not find what you are looking for. This will prevent the placeholder text from being loaded by default.  Boostr fixes this annoyance. ​

    Object/Field API Name

    When creating a new object or field, Boostr  automatically removes underscores in the Object/Field Name field (API Name).

    Bigger Boost?

    Install Boostr today.  If you have a feature request or feedback, tweet me @mattsimonis.
    Boostr is open source! Feel free to contribute! https://github.com/mattsimonis/boostr

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