3 tips to prepare your organization for new technology

When you decide to go on a major road trip, you often begin planning months in advance. The same can be said for your organization, as it is making plans for its next association management software (AMS).

You can lead your association to new a new AMS platform! Read our blog to begin preparing your organization for new technology today.

How to build an expert internal AMS selection team

“Every selection team for new technology needs representatives across the board,” said Collier Faubion, Nimble AMS Lead Sales Engineer and Non-Profit Advocate. To meet the technological needs of your organization and build your expert selection team, consider the following tips:

1. Breadth over depth

Assemble a team with representatives from different departments to ensure all your employees feel included (ex. Membership, finance, marketing, IT, and more).

2. Define roles

Ensure all team members have a clear understanding of their responsibilities in the software selection process. Do so by defining each members’ purpose on the team by setting distinct objectives.

3. Establish communication channels

You can keep your technology project on track by identifying a backup point of contact to ensure your software selection team stays updated on key project developments.

4. Use a rating system

To further identify your evaluation team, consider leveraging a rating system like an Impact vs. Usage matrix. An Impact vs. Usage matrix can help you create your team based on how much you use your current technology and how much it impacts your association.

How to separate wants from needs in AMS functionality

“I can’t overstate how important it is for you to share with your AMS vendor your goals and KPIs,” said Faubion. “Usually, your goals are big. For example, you might want to increase your membership by 300%. Or you’ll want to triple your non-dues revenue. These goals are very important for your future AMS vendor to know.”

Here are five priority areas to consider when trying to boost functionality for your next AMS:

1. Member engagement

Will your next AMS make it easy to support your member engagement campaigns, boosting retention, member communication, and retention efforts?

2. Revenue

Will your new platform help you drive revenue, offering a modern e-commerce experience, helping you boost non-dues revenue and member dues?

3. Staff experience

Will your next AMS help empower your staff, enhancing your employee experience? Look for an AMS that offers automation, training opportunities, Artificial Intelligence, predictive analytics, data analytics, integrations, and other tools to streamline the experience.

4. Product innovation

How up to date is your current AMS? Look for a new AMS that receives continuous product updates to ensure your technology is always up to date and your members and staff always have access to the latest innovations.

5. Data security

You’ll also want to consider the security level of your next AMS. Your member records must be protected with your technology. Inquire what level of protection and recovery your next AMS vendor will offer your organization. And seek information on if your vendor follows security best practices, has extensive backup servers, provides an in-house Security and Compliance team, and more.

“When it comes to determining the scope of your association, it’s vital you determine how to focus your time on the things that really move your organization’s bottom line,” said Faubion. “Leveraging the right technology can help exceed your goals and empower your staff and members.”

Learn more tips for finding new technology

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