Best practice is our only product practice

Matt Rist, Director of Product

April 14, 2021

    One of the core product principles at Nimble AMS is “Best practice is our only practice.”

    At our core, we reflect regularly, monitor progress, and continuously improve. We adopt best practices to help us scale and do the right things, consistently. We look to industry leaders regularly to learn best practices. There’s no one developing best practices better than Salesforce.

    Looking to the leader: Partnering for product innovation

    Salesforce is the leader in customer relationship management (CRM) in part because it includes three upgrades per year at no additional cost to customers. Salesforce customers are always using the latest in technology advances. And, all customers access the same version of the solution.

    The Nimble AMS product team mirrors Salesforce’s ideal product upgrade model. For associations using Nimble AMS, this means they are receiving product innovation throughout each year on a similar schedule that they are already used to with Salesforce. When Salesforce releases a new version to all customers, Nimble AMS does too, three times a year, year after year. (We are proud to be the only AMS that provides this level of upgrades at no additional cost.)

    That’s a lot of product innovation (and sometimes functionality alterations) to keep up with. You need your Association Management Software (AMS) provider to be a strong partner with Salesforce to help provide you with the best support possible, release after release.

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    An example from the real world

    To improve data security for orgs, Salesforce began tightening restrictions on the permissions granted to unauthenticated users. The changes began in Summer, continued through Winter, and concluded in Spring.​

    Enter the Nimble AMS product team.

    The Nimble AMS product team worked with Salesforce to fully understand the implications for Nimble AMS users. Nimble AMS opted our customers out of the enforcement in Winter ’21 to allow more time for compliance.

    Not only did our team make the necessary updates to the core Nimble AMS product; our team also individually worked with clients that had custom permission sets beyond the base product to make appropriate changes to their configurations. Our Nimble AMS Spring 21 release had all clients compliant with these updates from Salesforce.​

    A model for product development: Partnering to share best practices

    The Salesforce Partner team produces a bi-weekly AppExchange Tech Talk webinar series. They recently reached out to partners asking for help in spreading the word about 2nd Generation Packaging (2GP), the new best practice approach from Salesforce for how AppExchange partners create and deliver their Apps. Who was at the top of their list of partners to contact first? That’s right. Nimble AMS.

    A Senior Developer and I joined the Salesforce partner team for a tech webinar to share our story about how Nimble AMS adopted 2GP. Nimble AMS was one of two partners involved in the tech talk.

    With a core product principle of “Best practice is our only practice,” associations using Nimble AMS have a dedicated technology partner.

    Learn more about how Nimble AMS continues to provide innovation and partnership to customers.

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