How a Donation Microsite can work for your next fundraising campaign

Saj Hoffman-Hussain

September 26, 2019

    Understanding the benefits of donation microsites for associations

    What is a donation microsite, and how can it improve your associations fundraising? Read this overview to find out more.

    Donation Microsites are websites that promote focused fundraising campaigns with the aim of increasing donations. They’re ideal for associations that want to promote a fundraising event to raise donations for specific causes or larger initiatives. The sites are self-contained, so they can launch, run, then be taken down as needed. While they can be associated with short-term campaigns, they’re also adaptable for other purposes, such as informational sites, blogs, and event microsites, to help raise awareness or for longer-term fundraising.

    They differ from landing pages, which get the user to perform specific actions and then move on. Microsites can encourage engagement by offering a targeted experience to association professionals through clicks not code. You can achieve significant benefits in a very short time.

    Some benefits of donation microsites include:

    • Unique branding for your campaign: The ability to create a unique branded event.
    • Clearer value proposition and message: By using clicks not code, associations can set up a messaging strategy that is purposeful, clear, and understandable for members.
    • Increased attention: Rather than direct members to the association homepage that has many different sources of content, a well-designed donation microsite can give constituents the chance to dig deeper and convey the appeal of the campaign, that much better.

    Consider Donation Microsites from Nimble AMS

    Introducing the Nimble AMS Donation Microsite feature, which is a tailored Community Cloud template designed to help associations easily provide the right online experience for their fundraising campaigns. It’s available as a pre-designed community template for quick and easy setup and configuration. 

    Donation microsites enable organizations to run a donation or fund collection campaigns where constituents can view all the details of a fundraising campaign in a targeted site. Association staff can rapidly point-and-click configure a donation microsite template to match their branding needs and execute their donation strategy using Community Workspaces and Community Builder.

    For more information, contact our Customer Success Team or visit our Help Site.

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