Five reasons you need text-to-give technology at your association

As an association looking to provide the best member experience, it’s vital to offer a mobile-friendly option. Pew Research Center reports that 97% of Americans now own a cell phone, with 80% of respondents texting. Whether discussing the latest industry trend on your online community platform or registering for your annual event, members want to connect with their organization from the convenience of their mobile devices.

But has your association yet considered the financial potential of adopting text-to-give technology? If not, you’ll want to.

What is text-to-give technology? 

Text-to-give is a vital form of technology that many organizations leverage as part of their fundraising strategy. It enables donors to give money from their phones to campaigns. Text-to-give campaigns are simple to set up and donors can give money in less than five minutes. The ease of text-to-give makes this fundraising method so appealing to many associations.  

Additionally, text messaging is a highly effective means of communicating with your members. Text messages have an average open rate of 98%, compared to the email open rate of 22%. When you send a text, you’re more likely to connect with your members and get them to support your financial cause, upcoming event, or association program.

Reasons why your organizations should adopt text-to-give technology 

The Community Brands 2022 Fundraising and Technology Research Study found the top technology feature nonprofits want to invest in is text-to-give. Your association can leverage text-to-give tech to raise money for important causes and build deeper connections with members.

Here are five more reasons why your organization should adopt text-to-give: 

1. Text-to-give is convenient. A major perk of this fundraising method is how simple it is for organizations to manage campaigns. Sending a text is user-friendly and quick. Your members will also love how convenient it is to donate. They won’t need to go to your association page and navigate to the donation site. All they’ll need is a simple text message.

2. Text-to-give is a great option for those without cash. Today, fewer and fewer people carry cash. Text-to-give is the perfect option for members who want to contribute to your event’s cause but leave their money at home. Offering more giving options like text-to-give boosts member engagement in your fundraising activities and keeps you on track to reach your financial campaign goal. 

3. Text-to-give is the perfect call to action. Trust and connection matter in a member’s giving. If your members don’t trust you with their funds, they’re unlikely to donate. Inspire trust by sharing the story of your campaign as you drive awareness at your event. Use a presentation, testimonials, or a video to drive your message home and follow up with text-to-give as a call to action for your event.

4. Text-to-give increases association brand awareness. Anytime an individual clicks a text-to-give link, they’ll be redirected to your organization’s branded donation page. If your association chooses to use text-to-give, it builds brand awareness within your industry and local community. Try pairing your fundraising campaign with an upcoming association event to increase exposure and engagement.

5. Text-to-give helps boost engagement. With text-to-give campaigns, givers are prompted to fill out the donation form with their contact information. Any contact information will integrate with your association management software (AMS), allowing your organization to nurture a future relationship with the donor.

To further engagement, send a “thank you” email for any text-to-give donations, including information about your upcoming event and links to your association website and social media. Linking your organization’s pages will make it easier for people to find you, increasing the chance they might come to your event or utilize your resources.  

Text-to-give is coming to Nimble AMS with the GiveSmart Fundraise integration! Leverage text-to-give with GiveSmart and all your donation engagement data will seamlessly integrate into Nimble AMS.

Learn more about how to leverage text-to-give at your association

Discover how your association can adopt text-to-give for successful fundraising campaigns: Check out the Stay warm this winter with the Nimble AMS Winter ‘23 release to learn more about this exciting solution, coming soon!

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