How to expand your Nimble AMS platform with modern payment options

The Nimble AMS team understands how important it is to have the right tools to ensure your association is always running smoothly. One of the ways you can support your processes and enhance the member experience is by offering modern payment options. 
Choosing association management software that provides an innovative e-commerce experience ensures your payment processes will be secure and convenient. With modern payment options you can streamline your internal business operations, while also enhancing the overall payment experience for your members.  
Keep reading to learn how Nimble AMS and modern payment options can advance your association! 

4 ways modern payment options enhance Nimble AMS

Not all association management software (AMS) is created equally. With Nimble AMS, your association can deliver a modern e-commerce experience, streamline internal processes, and drive a superior member experience.  
Here’s how:

1. Apple Pay and Google Pay 

Did you know that last month, 45.4 million Americans used Apple Pay for at least one transaction? Nimble AMS offers modern payment options including Apple Pay and Google Pay, ensuring you can provide a secure and easy member experience. With Nimble AMS + Apple Pay and Google Pay, you can also streamline your e-commerce check-out experience, driving revenue and lowering cart abandonment. 
Offering Apple Pay and Google Pay with Nimble AMS will help you reach more members and appeal to young professionals—74% of Gen Z said accepting new forms of digital payments improves brand perception. 60% of Gen Z also said they would stop doing business with a brand following 2-3 negative experiences. 

2. Improved business operations 

Integrating payments into your existing AMS will quickly transform the platform into a true single source solution. With Nimble AMS you can easily accept payments, ensuring you won’t need to spend time manually reconciling invoices and entering transactions into multiple platforms.

Integrated payments options will streamline your business processes, making your life a whole lot easier.

3. Top-notch data security

Cyber security threats are on the rise. Protecting your association against hackers has never been more important.

With Nimble AMS, you can protect your organization with innovative security features like tokenization and transaction filters. These features and more allow you to protect sensitive cardholder data for ultimate data breach protection. Better yet, these Nimble AMS security features reduce staff time and costs associated with maintaining PCI compliance.  

4. Automatic card updates 

Member credit cards frequently change—credit cards can expire, become lost/stolen, upgraded, or closed. To avoid situations when a member card declines, you can use Nimble AMS and CardConnect to automatically update member payment information in your system.

This feature guarantees successful card updates, allowing you to increase your revenue and retain members. Using Nimble AMS also ensures an enhanced user experience, ensuring staff and members don’t have to waste time to manually update credit card information.

Learn how to advance your association with Nimble AMS

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