How can associations make member payment processing easier?

Matt Rist, Director of Product

February 2, 2021

    There are many association activities which are completely essential, yet pretty tedious to do. As human beings, we often seek out work which offers solutions to real needs, sparks creativity, or enables us to take a leadership role. There are more interesting, fulfilling things we’d rather do than uninspiring tasks like paperwork or payment processing.

    One time-consuming task association professionals often have to handle is applying a single payment to multiple orders.

    For example, a company paying individual membership dues or event registration fees for all its employees. Although it sounds like a small task, this task can consume days of staff time in a month.

    Is your staff spending too much time processing a single payment that needs to be applied to multiple orders?

    If so, you’re not alone. But there’s a better way.

    Nimble AMS provides a robust, yet efficient and user-friendly way for the association’s staff to apply a single payment to multiple orders. The one-payment staff view feature also allows users to select orders with an outstanding balance and apply a single payment. In addition, payments can be voided or refunded with a single click.

    One Nimble AMS client has reduced their manual processing time by 92 percent using one-payment-staff view.

    But, we knew you needed more tools to deliver the best, frictionless experience for your members paying multiple invoices. In the Spring ’21 release, Nimble AMS rolls out one payment- Community Hub feature.

    Now, members have an easy and convenient way to pay off outstanding orders and balances through Community Hub. Company Managers will also enjoy the same simple functionality as they manage paying off orders and balances for their company account. It’s time for your staff to spend less time following up on open orders and spend more time providing value to your members.

    Trailblazers like you have important work to do. The Spring ’21 release of Nimble AMS includes new features and functionality that frees up staff to focus on activities that exceed member expectations and generate revenue. These features include:

    • Adjustable membership. Reduce the staff burden associated with adjusting memberships. Adjustable memberships will help you manage cancellations and ensure finances are handled properly.
    • Flexible coupons. Your CFO and accounting team are going to love this. Apply coupons on cross entity products and necessary inter-entity transactions are automatically generated.
    • Developer success kit. Our developer community continues to grow so we’re providing enhanced materials to help our developer community succeed with Nimble AMS.​

    The Nimble AMS Spring ’21 release is sure to warm your heart after a frigid winter. To learn more about all this release offers, check out the release notes on our help site.

    Learn more about how Nimble AMS customers are transforming their associations with modern membership software.

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