Nimble AMS now supports automated complex tax processing

Sajad Hoffman-Hussain

March 3, 2020

    Meet your association customers where they are nationally and internationally to improve complex tax compliance.

    Nimble AMS Advanced Taxation integrates seamlessly with third-party taxation software, Hierarchical Jurisdiction and International Tax Support

    The Nimble AMS team added the new product capabilities as part of the Nimble AMS Winter ‘20 release to help national and international associations achieve their mission and vision.

    Associations taking advantage of Advanced Taxation now have the functionality to easily process taxes nationally and internationally reducing manual burden, taking human error out of the equation.

    Benefits of Nimble AMS Advanced Taxation

    Automated processing of complex tax calculations: Saves time, saves effort

    Nimble AMS Advanced Taxation integrates smoothly with third party taxation services specially developed to deal with a variety of tax scenarios. Because the integration takes over many tasks that accounting staff would normally have to manage, it saves association staff time and effort that can be directed elsewhere serving members.

    Hierarchical Jurisdiction and I8N taxation: Local, National, International

    Advanced Taxation considers each state has different laws and procedures regarding taxes. With support for more than 12,000 jurisdictions in the US and internationally, Nimble AMS is better able to keep track of taxes and stay compliant with local, national, and international tax law, including Internet Sales Tax legislation. Advanced Taxation is the perfect complement for any association tax needs.

    Allows taxation of shipping charges and any product type

    To avoid costly mistakes that may be made from manual processing, Advanced Taxation allows all tax rates to be updated at all jurisdiction levels automatically across any product type, calculating shipping tax, as well as sales tax, in real-time. This brings the latest tax information to the fingertips of association administrators.

    Simplify Tax Processing with Nimble AMS Advanced Taxation

    The powerful addition of tax functionality with Advanced Taxation complies with Internet Sales Tax requirements across different product types, shipping charges, and jurisdictions. It means associations can serve members with the peace of mind that tax processing is compliant with the latest legislation, minimizing the risk of a costly audit. It continues Nimble AMS’s investment towards adding significant value in resources and feature enhancements for its customers.

    You can find more information on Advanced Taxation on the Help Site.

    Learn more about why Nimble AMS is the most in-demand AMS built on the Salesforce CRM platform.

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