Gearing up for Nimble AMS Winter ’20

Saj Hoffman-Hussain

October 10, 2019

    Here’s what customers can expect in the Nimble AMS Winter ’20 release

    The air is starting to feel colder and crisper – a sure sign it’s time to launch our Nimble AMS Winter ‘20 release!

    During our previous release, Nimble AMS customers got to take advantage of secure payment processing with Hosted Payment forms and greater access to cross-selling related products and services with the Cross-Sell feature. Quick and easy Donation Microsite setup and the ability to improve recurring memberships were also included in our Summer ‘19 release.

    Learn what’s changed since then, what’s improved, and what to look forward to in Winter ‘20.

    Internationalization: Sell more, anywhere in the world

    Associations can now sell products and services anywhere in the world with Nimble AMS! Our new Internationalization capabilities in Winter ’20 empower customers to expand their reach to any country. Members can renew membership, register for events, and purchase products in their preferred currency, making international commerce a breeze.

    Product Variants: Improve selling opportunities with greater variety

    To make the constituent experience as intuitive and efficient as possible, we are releasing Product Variants functionality to provide greater selling options for similar and related products. It will allow associations to list and configure various product options under one product listing and allow constituents to efficiently purchase the product option they need.

    Lightning Store: Build a superior store experience with Lightning Web Components

    Nimble AMS introduces the Lightning Store with a refreshed user experience and more flexibility on how associations can sell their products!  Built using Salesforce new Lightning Web Component technology, Nimble AMS customers are now able to use the power of Community Builder to create the best experience for members to find and purchase products.

    The user experience has been improved to take advantage of desktop screen space to show more products, while still preserving the mobile and tablet experiences.  And, new capabilities allow associations to sell other product types through the store interface.

    Advanced Taxation: Reducing the burden of accurate reporting

    The better a business can manage the taxation information it has with its accounting department the more accurate transactions will be processed. Integrating a third-party taxation system within Nimble AMS reduces the administrative burden for organizations setting up and maintaining tax records. Experience greater accuracy calculating taxes with workflow and process improvements using a third-party integration, as well as reporting capabilities.

    Deferred Revenue for Coupons helps improve compliance and reduce manual processing

    Deferred Revenue for Coupons offers several benefits for associations. Built with flexible options in mind, Nimble AMS allows for easy compliance with accounting regulatory bodies like the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). You can automatically defer revenue for coupons, reducing manual reconciliation. The deferred revenue coupon feature will allow your accounting team to customize and configure a deferred schedule to their requirements.

    Core Permission Sets: Giving access only to those who need it

    For rich subscriber environments that require a graduated approach to introducing permissions, Nimble AMS introduces a core set of unmanaged permission sets for limited release, with a minimalist profile, that subscribers can configure. Providing layered access by capability will protect sensitive information, focus staff on assigned tasks, reduce training needs, avoid incorrect usage of the software, and hide unused capabilities.

    The Nimble AMS Winter ’20 release includes exciting new features to assist you in growing your organization through new selling and payment options, as well as improved permission tooling and commerce capabilities. To learn more about everything Winter ’20 has to offer, check out the release notes on

    Learn more about Nimble AMS – the only AMS where every customer is on the same version.

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