Nimble AMS, Data Privacy and the GDPR


​Data privacy and protection are getting increased attention in the software world and the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which goes into effect on May 25, 2018, is leading the way.  The one overarching principle made clear in the opening sentence of the GDPR is: The protection of personal data is a fundamental right.   

Nimble AMS views the GDPR as an important step toward protecting the data rights of individuals and has made it a priority to help associations become compliant.  We are building new capabilities that will support associations that need to become compliant, or want to implement data privacy best practices outlined by the GDPR.  Your AMS plays an important role in your overall data privacy strategy and associations will be able to take advantage of Nimble AMS in four key areas.

  1. Consent Tracking Capabilities – Ability for organizations to collect and track the consent preferences of individuals to ensure the information is protected according to their preferences. 
  2. Individual Access to Their Data – Giving individuals awareness and control over their data is an important part of the GDPR.  Nimble AMS makes it possible for associations to configure what information individuals can view or update, and also makes it possible for individuals to request a copy of their data, or ask to be forgotten.  
  3. Transparency – Organizations need to make it clear to individuals what they do with their data, in plain english terms (not legalese). Nimble AMS supports the sharing of privacy and cookie policies to empower associations to be transparent with how data is used.
  4. Leverage the Salesforce Lightning Platform – Salesforce has placed a priority on supporting the GDPR and the Salesforce Spring 18 release includes important additions to the platform to help customers on their journey toward compliance.  Nimble AMS will incorporate these new capabilities, such as the new Individual object, in our own GDPR features so organizations can leverage them effectively.
​Nimble AMS is committed to helping associations become compliant with the GDPR and implementing data privacy best practices.  If you are interested in learning more about how Nimble AMS can help your organization, please reach out and we will help connect you with one of our knowledgable experts.

Helpful Resources:

​If you are interested in learning more about the GDPR, here are some helpful resources to guide you on your journey.

  • Salesforce GDPR Site – A good overview of the GDPR and what Salesforce is doing to help customers. 
  • GDPR Superheroes – An informative guide to the GDPR.
  • Trailhead – European Union Privacy Law Basics – Salesforce trailhead module to help the community become aware and educated about the GDPR.  We encourage all associations to complete the trail, which is self paced and can be completed at your convenience.
  • NimbleLand Community – Existing customers can take advantage of our Nimble AMS community to ask questions and engage our staff and your peers.
  • Salesforce Trailblazer Community -  Salesforce’s Trailblazer community is a great place to connect with other people focused on the GDPR and Data Privacy.

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