Nimble AMS Introduces The Lightning Store For Associations

Saj Hoffman-Hussain

December 13, 2019

    A new modern and streamlined e-commerce experience for associations

    Create a Lightning Store with an improved user experience and greater flexibility for associations to sell their products.

    How can associations sell products faster and easily while improving the member experience?

    Part of providing an excellent member experience is to consider the digital experience for customers. Nimble AMS customers can now take advantage of a superior e-commerce experience with the introduction of the Nimble AMS Lightning Store.

    Set up a Lightning Store, Quickly and Easily

    Associations can quickly create a Nimble AMS Lightning Store for members to find and purchase products. Some of the benefits include:

    • Simple staff setup and a drag and drop interface for an enhanced user experience. Configuration is easy using drag and drop with Salesforce Community Builder and Lightning Web component technology.
    • Use clicks not code to quickly create a storefront experience that wows members. Members can then purchase items flexibly and quickly.

    Nimble AMS introduces the Lightning Store

    Improved User Experience

    The user experience has been improved to take advantage of more desktop screen space to showcase a greater number of products, while still preserving the mobile and tablet experiences.

    • Associations can use point and click theming and flexible page layouts to individualize their own store experience for members with minimum configuration.
    • Also included is the ability to search by product within the store and set category filters for improved navigation by topic.

    New capabilities allow selling product types through the Lightning Store interface with potential for customization. Associations can offer a wider variety of products for members to take advantage of such as sponsorships as well as general merchandise items.

    Association administrators can also preview the storefront before making the Nimble AMS Lightning store live, reducing errors and saving valuable time rechecking after publication.

    The possibilities are (almost) limitless!

    Increased Flexibility and Customization

    Customize as much or as little as you want taking advantage of the out of the box datasource for products for a one and done store.

    Associations can choose to take even more control of the store experience by using a custom datasource to build a storefront of products matching different criteria.

    When the Lightning store is combined with the power of Nimble AMS’s product variants feature associations can expect greater choice and an improved customer experience for members.

    Product Variants allows constituents to pick different options or variants of a single parent product. This offers greater choice for constituents and increased customization possibilities for associations.

    Nimble AMS introduces the Lightning Store

    Other Benefits

    Lightning Store’s integration with Nimble AMS’s Product API also offers several benefits including:

    • Faster page load times.
    • Capabilities to further extend the functionality of the Store with developer effort.

    This allows administrators and associations to configure and setup the store quickly and members to access and take advantage of all the Lightning Store offers with the minimum of fuss improving customer satisfaction and experience.

    Look to the Future, Look at Nimble AMS Lightning Store

    With all that you’ve learned about the Nimble AMS Lightning Store, why wait? You can contact our Customer Success Team or access our Help Site for more information on how to get started.

    Learn more about why Nimble AMS is the most in-demand AMS built on the Salesforce CRM platform.

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