What to know about product upgrades in a modern AMS

Beth Farrar, Director of Enterprise AMS Marketing

June 3, 2021

    If your organization has struggled with the costs and risks involved with upgrading your association management software (AMS), you’re not alone. Many associations have challenges with software upgrades, including:

    • Paying as much as tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars for each upgrade
    • Waiting years between upgrades due to availability and costs, resulting in outdated software
    • Dealing with broken integrations after upgrades, resulting in system downtime and requiring new, costly software customizations

    But it’s 2021. Why is this still accepted as the norm? It’s time to move on from these costly, painful upgrades.

    Upgrade your association software upgrades

    You have a choice: Endure the costly break/fix cycle of upgrades, patches, and hardware replacement, or move your organization forward with a true cloud-based AMS system. Nimble AMS, built on the Salesforce platform, frees your organization from the costs and hassles of outdated AMS systems so you can focus on what’s important: delivering value to your organization and its members.

    Here are three key things to know about product upgrades with Nimble AMS

    Nimble AMS mirrors the Salesforce approach to upgrades.

    As a Salesforce partner, Nimble AMS works closely with Salesforce to replicate the same approach Salesforce uses for upgrades. Nimble AMS specifically follows Salesforce’s proven methodology of three product releases per year to ensure you can quickly take advantage of new functionality.

    Nimble AMS upgrades include a Winter, Spring, and Summer release. Not all AMS systems built on Salesforce can say that.

    All customers are on the same version of Nimble AMS.

    Like Salesforce’s approach to product upgrades, our approach means that you’re always on the latest version of Nimble AMS, so you’re always using the latest technology. This is different from other AMS systems in which customers are operating on many different versions and do not have a clear path to upgrade to the most recent version without “breaking” any customizations in their system.

    Product upgrades are automatic (at no additional charge).

    Nimble AMS provides you with a continuous stream of upgrades and innovation included in the cost of your software, so you’re always using the latest in technology advances, automatically without the hassle, and without extra fees. This isn’t the case with other AMS vendors, who sometimes ask that customers complete the upgrade themselves or pay an additional fee to have the upgrades completed.

    Tip: When looking for an AMS product, check with the AMS vendor to make sure they do not charge for product upgrades, even if it is developed on the Salesforce platform.

    Learn more

    It’s time to say goodbye to costly, risky upgrades. With Nimble AMS, upgrades do not cost extra, and you can rest assured that your organization is always running on the latest version, giving you more time and the latest tools for delivering a great experience for your members.

    Find out more about how to upgrade your upgrades.

    Read the paper, How to Simplify Your AMS Upgrades.

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