Differences between Salesforce-built AMS systems

Here’s what you should know about Salesforce-based association management systems and why Nimble AMS leads the pack.

When it comes to association management software (AMS), you have multiple options. Today, many membership-based organizations are choosing an AMS built on an enterprise customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

This approach provides the AMS functionality associations need to manage their membership without having to build their own CRM technology. Yet, they still have access to CRM features and benefits.

So, why is CRM functionality so important to associations? It allows you to know your members better, track interactions with them, and gain useful business intelligence on membership trends. These types of insights into your membership can help you make smarter decisions and better tailor your member services.

That’s why the Nimble AMS team built Nimble AMS on the Salesforce CRM platform. It gives you the member management features you need with the Fortune 500-class CRM functionality of Salesforce. This combination allows you to use and interact with your data in ways that were unimaginable in the past. The results are vast improvements in customer service and member engagement.

Here are some things that make Nimble AMS and Salesforce a unique combination for associations:

A connected member experience
The Salesforce platform serves as the foundation for a modern AMS that puts members at the heart of an association’s activities. In fact, in a report about CRM suites, Forrester named Salesforce as a leader in CRM, largely because it “puts the customer at the center of its vision.”

Salesforce furthered its commitment to a connected customer experience with Customer 360, which provides a complete view of unified customer data across different Salesforce platform services, as well as with data from systems outside of Salesforce. It delivers a connected customer experience across all channels and departments so you can see all information about a customer (or member) in one spot.

It’s important to note that Customer 360 requires Person Accounts when building the 360 view of a customer. The Person Account model is the data model configuration recommended by Salesforce. In this model, Business Accounts and Individual Person Accounts are treated as “Account” equals.

Here’s why this is important: In the world of professional associations, members are primarily individuals. However, most professional associations also have membership levels for “associate” members, which typically are businesses such as vendors, suppliers, etc. Similarly, trade association memberships are primarily made up of organizations, yet most of their interactions are with individuals. Every association needs to be able to facilitate business with both individuals and organizations.

Nimble AMS embraces the Person Accounts model. In doing so, the Nimble AMS team can easily adapt the solution to meet nearly every membership structure. The goal: Empower associations of all kinds to meet future expectations and readily adopt innovative solutions, such as Customer 360.

All Customers are on the same AMS version and enjoy pain-free upgrades
If you use Facebook, Google, or Twitter, you likely don’t know what version you’re using. But, it’s the most recent release, because everyone is on the same version. It’s just automatically updated.

Nimble AMS is the only Salesforce-based AMS where all customers are on the same AMS version.

Likewise, Salesforce offers continuous upgrades, the ideal product upgrade model. Unlike old school software, which often forces customers to wait for big, costly upgrades, Salesforce provides a continuous stream of upgrades and innovation so you’re always using the latest in technology advances, without hassle and without extra costs. And, because the Salesforce platform is a true cloud-based system, you receive these upgrades quickly and painlessly.

Nimble AMS is the only enterprise-level AMS to offer continuous delivery. Using this method, the Nimble AMS team also provides a continuous stream of upgrades and innovation. Associations can see the latest product release date on the Nimble AMS listing on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Typical AMS upgrades can cost as much as $300,000 (and more) on top of the initial fees for implementing the system. They’re sometimes so financially painful that associations stop implementing them altogether and try to get by with outdated software. But, with upgrades included in the Nimble AMS service, there are no added fees for technology updates.

World-class security and reliability
Associations collect and store personal and sensitive information about their members and employees. And, like for-profit companies, they can’t afford to ignore data privacy and protection laws, such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). At the same time, as associations collect more data and use more technology systems, performance becomes even more important.

Salesforce offers world-class data security and 99.9+ percent uptime to help ensure your data is safe and your system is up and running and can scale smoothly as your association grows.

The latest technology
Nimble AMS leverages Salesforce to deliver the latest technology – such as process automation and artificial intelligence (AI) – to make organizations smarter, more effective, and more efficient.

For example, Nimble AMS leverages the Salesforce Einstein AI technology to help associations become smarter, more predictive, and more in tune with what members need, want, and expect. Nimble AMS customers are already using Salesforce Prediction Builder, which enables point-and-click AI. These organizations can ask Einstein to give guidance and make predictions and then empower staff with tools to act upon what it finds. An example: It can create a call down list for your membership director of high value members who are most likely not to renew.

Nimble AMS also leverages the Salesforce Process Builder to allow associations to save valuable staff time by automating complex business processes. Without code, associations can specify process criteria to do things like automatically update or create new records, emails, and tasks or submit approval requests – all in a few simple steps.

There are many aspects of Nimble AMS and Salesforce that make the combination a great choice for associations. For more detailed information about the Salesforce platform, read The Associations’ Guide to All Things Salesforce. You’ll also gain some insight into three questions to ask when selecting Salesforce-based association technology.

Read more about all details association professionals need to know about Salesforce and using a Salesforce-based AMS.

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