The Power of Person Accounts: Customer 360 

Jeff Golembiewski

January 10, 2019

    Nimble AMS has always been an advocate for Salesforce’s Person Account model where Business Accounts and Individual Person Accounts are treated as “Account” equals. In the world of associations, both businesses (B2B) and individual customers (B2C) engage with the association to collaborate, participate, and transact.

    At the Salesforce World Tour New York City conference in December, it was made very clear how important Person Accounts is to the future of Salesforce and their vision of the Customer 360. Salesforce Customer 360 is a new cross-cloud technology initiative that makes our B2C Marketing, Commerce, and Service products work better together. With Customer 360, administrators register their various instances of Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Service Cloud.

    Salesforce Customer 360 delivers a connected customer experience across all channels and departments so you can see all information about a customer in one spot. The beautiful part of the new Customer 360 vision from Salesforce is that it requires Person Accounts when building the 360 view of a customer.

    As more information is released regarding Salesforce Customer 360, we will learn more about how associations can leverage this powerful connected customer experience. Since Nimble AMS was built with the customer in mind and using Person Accounts, our Nimble AMS customers are perfectly prepared to take advantage of Customer 360 when released. The power of Person Accounts is fueling the Customer 360 experience.

    Learn more about why Nimble AMS is the most in-demand AMS built on the Salesforce CRM platform.

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