Volunteer Day: Monroe Community Hospital Golf Tournament

Janelle Danehy

January 13, 2015

    My volunteer day took place on June 30, 2014 with Monroe Community Hospital (MCH). MCH is a long term care facility that houses residents from birth to the most recent celebrated birthday of 105 years old. Each year, MCH holds a golf tournament to help fundraise for their program, Project Independence. Project Independence is a program within the MCH foundation that helps raise money for residents to aid in their independence of daily activities. The golf tournament and the MCH foundation raised over $40,000 this year, with over $3,000 in raffles alone the day of the tournament. The proceeds from the tournament will be used to support power wheelchairs, including customizations and maintenance, adaptive and therapeutic equipment, and specialized programs that promote resident independence to a high degree.
    My job in the morning was to help set up and assist with registrations and managing the raffles. Golfers were teams of 4 who were sponsored by local businesses or paid their own portion. Each golfer received a gift bag, that I helped stuff prior to their arrival. The bag included a golf polo, golf balls and tees, water bottles, and score cards. There was also a raffle set up at the end of the registration table. The raffle prizes were contributions from sponsors, and the golfers bought raffle tickets to help raise additional money for the foundation, while having the opportunity to win prizes.
    During the afternoon, I was placed on one of the three “hole in one” holes to monitor the golf teams. At hole five, eight, and eighteen, golfers had the opportunity to win either an Amazon Kindle, a 50 inch television, or a brand new car, and I had to be sure if a hole in one was made, I could confirm it happening. Unfortunately, no hole in one was made during the day, but it made for a fun, competitive afternoon. There was also a food section on the outdoor patio that was cooking hot dogs, hamburgers, and Italian sausage for the golfers. I made sure they were fully stocked through the day, and did not run low on anything. When the teams began trickling back into the country club for dinner, I helped tear down the food and put things away. I helped with a few side jobs before the day wrapped up and the tournament ended.
    I have been a part of volunteering with MCH for many years and see the benefits of Project Independence on residents. Touch screen computers to aid in communicating, advanced mobility with wheelchair improvements, and electronic beds are some of the advancements brought to MCH. The foundation as a whole does many positive contributions for the community and helps to improve the quality of life for individuals, young and old. 

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