Tips to celebrate National Nurses Week 2024 at your association

Is your association ready to celebrate this year’s National Nurses Week? Each year, from May 6-12, we appreciate nurses for their service to the healthcare community and their dedication to improving the lives of their patients. The 2024 nurse appreciation week theme is Nurses Make the Difference” honoring the incredible nurses who serve with compassion and care.

This year’s theme is accompanied by the campaign #NursesLightUpTheSky. Around the world, landmarks will be illuminated to celebrate nurses and support all the incredible things they do.  
How will you appreciate the nurses vital to your association? Read our blog for tips to celebrate National Nurses Week 2024 at your organization.

7 ways associations can celebrate National Nurses Week 2024

Ensure the nurses at your association feel appreciated this National Nurses Week—follow these tips: 

1. Leverage social media. Thank the nurses at your organization by utilizing your social media platforms. Share thoughtful graphics, pictures, and member highlights to shout out certain individuals who’ve accomplished professional landmarks in the nursing profession. As you celebrate your nurses, tag #NationalNursesWeek to increase engagement and show you care.

2. Personalize your thanks. As you show nurse appreciation throughout National Nurses Week, be sure to send handwritten thank-you notes to your members. You can also call members with a message of appreciation. Honoring National Nurses Week with a handwritten note or phone call will ensure your members know you appreciate their dedicated healthcare efforts. 

3. Utilize your online community. Celebrate your nurses in your online community and increase member engagement too. Consider highlighting nurses who have reached 5-, 10-, or 15-year milestones at your organization or recently completed professional certifications. Shouting out your nurses and celebrating their accomplishments can drive more members to your online community, increasing virtual engagement.

TECH TIP: Choose Nimble AMS and its built-in online community platform, Nimble Communities, to celebrate your nurses and elevate member engagement at your association. With Nimble Communities you can share your member’s accomplishments and gain valuable insights about the member journey.

4. Support career growth. Choose to invest in your nurses’ futures by selecting modern career technology to improve the member experience. Become the go-to career resource in the nursing industry when you leverage career center software like YM Careers from Community Brands. Integrating career center software with your association management software (AMS) can help you personalize your nurses’ jobseeking experience.

5. Encourage professional development. Foster your nurses’ futures by investing in their professional development and learning opportunities. Choose modern learning management software (LMS) to improve the member experience and ensure your nurses meet the correct credentialing requirements. Integrate your AMS with Crowd Wisdom LMS and offer a personalized learning experience for your nurses.

6. Listen to your members. Gather your nurses’ feedback on how your association is meeting their needs. Send out routine surveys to ensure your organization is providing enough benefits and follow up on how you will make changes in member meetings. Be transparent to encourage trust with your members and show that you care about their feedback.

7. Give member discounts. Show your members you care by offering a sale throughout National Nurses Week and extending the discount throughout the entire month. When you leverage a modern AMS, you can easily offer discounts in your e-commerce shop, driving association non-dues revenue.

TECH TIP: Choose Nimble AMS and the Lightning Store to reach your members, offer exclusive discounts, and drive non-dues revenue. With the Lightning Store Cross Sell feature, you can personalize the e-commerce experience, highlighting products your members might want to buy based on past purchases.

4 Cutting-edge medical associations celebrating National Nurses Week 2024

Are you looking for more examples of how you can thank the nurses at your association? Here are four organizations doing it right:  

  1. Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric, and Neonatal Nurses. The Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric, and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) provides professional development, educational opportunities, and science journals for its members. 
  2. Nurse Practitioner Associates for Continuing Education. The Nurse Practitioner Associates for Continuing Education (NPACE) offers in-person conferences, online courses, and virtual conferences for its members, among many other benefits. 
  3. Ohio Nurses Association. The Ohio Nurses Association (ONA) provides education options, career development, and advocacy opportunities for its members.
  4. Association of periOperative Registered Nurses. The Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) offers multiple educational opportunities for members, a robust career center, and a scientific journal.

Discover more ways to appreciate the nurses at your association

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