Why members should have a seat at the leadership table

When it comes to delivering superior member experience (MX), association professionals know how important it is to invest in technology that drives member loyalty. According to the 2022 Community Brands Association Trends Study, Pros prioritize technology used to improve MX. Associations are looking for innovative association management software (AMS) like email marketing, content management systems, e-commerce platforms, job boards, and learning solutions to transform MX. 

Implementing modern technology is a fantastic first step to boosting member engagement, but your association shouldn’t stop there. To truly transform how your members benefit from your organization, you’ll want to invite them to the leadership table. When members are represented on your leadership team, you’ll have a clear sense of what motivates them, helping you to focus on key areas like member engagement and retention. 

What values do members prioritize at their associations?
When members are represented in association leadership roles, you’ll have key insights into their changing priorities and shifting values. Community Brands’ research reports the numbers for members’ loyalty and likelihood to renew are down from last year. Ensure your association stays ahead of concerning member trends—elect key members to leadership roles so you can focus on the areas that matter most to members. 

Here are the top five member priorities to get you started:

1. Code of ethics. 49% of members report a code of ethics as their most important member priority. If your organization doesn’t already feature your code of ethics in marketing materials or on your association website, make efforts to do so. Ensure your code is easy for members to find, making it accessible on your FAQ page and member portal.  

TECH TIP: Guarantee members can easily refer to your code of ethics by posting the document on Nimble AMS’ highly configurable Community Hub, a member portal that offers personalization options for your association and members.

2. Representing member interests. In addition to electing key members to your leadership team, help your members feel heard by asking them what industry issues they encounter. Approach other members at association events and build trust to ask these challenging questions. Consider surveying a larger group of members to identify key issues and trends and develop insights into how it impacts your members.

3. Industry news and information. Members join professional organizations to stay in the know. Become the go-to resource in your industry with insights and information to attract and retain members from all career stages. Share the news on your social media, organization website, and within your virtual community to spark the most conversation and engagement.

TECH TIP: Spread the word about the latest industry news with Nimble Communities, an online community platform developed to expand member engagement and boost retention.

4. Certifications and credentials. According to Community Brands, there’s a noticeable shift in members seeking personal benefits to advance their careers. Providing more learning opportunities, professional development options, and diversifying your career center offerings will set you apart from other associations. Task members in leadership roles to head this important cause.

TECH TIP: Community Brands offers career center and learning management software (LMS) to help you upgrade professional content for your members. Both YM Careers YM Careers and Crowd Wisdom are designed to boost member recruitment and engagement while integrating seamlessly with Nimble AMS.

5. Targeted, valuable content. Well-researched content has the power to build association credibility, attract new members, and keep current ones engaged. Become a thought leader in your industry by taking the time to listen to your members, both those in leadership and those working in the field. Expand your association’s reach by presenting key insights at events and conferences and sharing results on social media. 

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Member priorities are always shifting. To ensure you meet your members’ needs and deliver the best MX, invite members to your leadership table. Learn how to empower them further with innovative technology by reading our guide: 4 ways a Modern AMS Helps Membership Directors Deliver a Great Member Experience

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