Why 2022 is the year to get started with artificial intelligence and predictive analytics for your association

Matt Rist

December 29, 2021

    Modern technology now makes it easy for associations to put predictive analytics and AI to work for their organization. 

     Read on to learn more about why now is the time to get going with AI and predictive analytics.

    You’ve probably heard a lot about predictive analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) in the past few years. And for good reason. Leading companies use AI and predictive analytics technologies to connect with consumers and provide the highly personalized experiences that we’ve all come to expect.  

    You might think that predictive analytics seems too techy and out of reach to be practical for your organization. But while it used to be something that only IT departments could tackle, modern technology that enables predictive analytics, including artificial intelligence (AI), has become so much easier to use that anyone in the organization can put it to work. 

    TIP: Nimble AMS Predictions leverages the AI technology, Salesforce Einstein, to make it easy for associations to get started with predictive analytics and AI

    And predictive analytics and AI are worth it. They can help you use data about member behaviors to predict their future behaviors – ultimately helping you to:  

    • deliver more targeted messages and offers 
    • plan more successful member events and other programs 
    • provide better overall member service 

    What is AI/predictive analytics and how do they work?
    Artificial intelligence is technology that simulates human intelligence. It essentially mimics human “thinking” using complex algorithms. Predictive analytics is a type of data analytics. It’s about analyzing information to answer business questions, and it uses technology, including artificial intelligence (AI) to create predictive models. 

    AI supports predictive analytics, allowing organizations to create deeper relationships with people by predicting their interests and behavior, and providing them with timely, relevant content and offers that boost engagement and lead to greater sales and loyalty. An everyday example of AI and predictive analytics is the way Amazon provides product recommendations based on past purchases.  

    Your organization collects vast quantities of data, including members’ personal details and engagement history. Predictive analytics and the technology that supports it allow you to turn that data into insights you can use to make better decisions and improve outcomes across your organization.   

    Make 2022 the year you get started with AI and predictive analytics
    For years, for-profit companies have used AI and predictive analytics to get ahead of customer expectations and deliver more of what their customers want. With today’s easy-to-use tools, AI and predictive analytics are more attainable than ever for associations. Isn’t it time your association got started?    

    Your biggest challenges, solved.

    Predictive analytics puts you in control.

    Find out more: Explore Nimble AMS. 

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