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What Are the Advantages of an Association Management System (AMS) Built on Salesforce?

An AMS for Salesforce is a powerful asset for your organization. A Salesforce-based association management system allows you to handle diverse tasks from event registration to dues management and reporting, all in one integrated, powerful system. As the leading customer relationship management (CRM) option for nonprofits, associations and many other organizations, Salesforce delivers all the capabilities you need for efficient, coordinated management of your association 

Rather than having incomplete or outdated data stored in multiple places or siloed in specific departments, ensure that all areas of your organization have the right system to maintain clean data and holistic management. An AMS built on Salesforce can enable seamless data sharing and efficient information management, saving you time and effort while delivering ready access to critical data knowledge. When you ensure your organization has the right Salesforce-based AMS for your operations, you can optimize all your organization’s functions.

Request a Salesforce CRM system demo to discover the many benefits it can offer your organization, including:

Reporting. Get customized, detailed Salesforce reports and dashboards on your association’s activities and growth, so you have the insights you need to move forward.

Configuration. Salesforce’s platform features configuration options to fit your organization’s unique needs and delivers the best solution for your goals.

Automation. Save time and meet workforce needs with automation to ensure high accuracy levels while reducing the manual jobs you and your team must handle.

Check out our specialized webinar on Salesforce for associations to get more in-depth insights on how to harness the power of membership management with Salesforce.

Nimble AMS is 100% native to Salesforce.

We have brought together the best in association management capabilities, all built on top the #1 CRM platform. What this means for you is leading capabilities, at a lower total cost of ownership, and with worry-free continuous updates.

By teaming up with Salesforce, Nimble AMS is able to offer organizations:

True Innovation

Since 2010, Salesforce has been listed as one of Forbes most innovative companies in the world.


Best-in-class security comes standard and a robust compliance program always carefully considers data protection matters.

Continuous Upgrades

Always use the latest and greatest technology, thanks to three free upgrades a year from Salesforce.

Mobile first

Salesforce was developed mobile first, so teams can work on any device.


Online Community

The Salesforce ecosystem includes a community of certified developers, users and partners who are always there to help.

Reduce risk

With Salesforce’s multi-tenant cloud, it averages a +99 percent uptime.



More than 4,000 apps have been built on the Salesforce platform. This not only proves it’s the platform of choice for developers, but it also provides our clients access to more than 4,000 available integrations.

Artificial Intelligence for Associations.

Point. Click. Predict.

AI and Machine Learning enable associations to automate this process and predict member behaviors. Isn’t it time your association leveraged AI to provide more personalized member experiences?

AI can deliver several advantages to your organization, supporting advanced reporting and data analysis. With capabilities for real-time insights, predictive analytics and trends recognition, AI can enhance your operations by giving you access to invaluable data conveniently and efficiently. The in-depth analytics you’ll get regarding your operations, members and needs can help you customize your members’ experiences and ensure you’re meeting their expectations and preferences.

Along with its analytical power, AI can also handle simple tasks, such as responding to queries. This frees up staff members to handle more urgent matters. As a critical tool for your organization, this technology can boost your productivity, complementing your work and allowing you to gain in-depth insights into your members’ needs.

Reporting, Analytics and Personalized Dashboards

Making Salesforce the platform of choice for your AMS can be invaluable for reporting on key metrics and identifying trends. Nimble AMS and Salesforce’s association features can bring together all the areas of your organization and ensure that data sharing and management are smooth and coordinated across your organization. You can access detailed, built-in reports on activities and finances, use in-depth analytics to holistically view your organization’s operation and access personalized dashboards to easily find the information you need.

Choosing your membership software in Salesforce allows you to more easily and efficiently manage your AMS while using advanced capabilities. These resources can help you uncover deep trends and patterns in your association and memberships you may not have been able to access with legacy AMS systems.

See our comprehensive Salesforce guide for associations.

What leaders are saying about Nimble AMS

Nimble AMS, built on Salesforce, is the foundation for anything we can think of. We’ve been able to automate hundreds of processes, which saves our staff countless hours each day.

Jake Adler

Chief Technology Officer, AASH

Leverage the strengths of Salesforce CRM to manage every aspect of your association.

Keep your association ahead through Nimble AMS, the most trusted solution built on the Salesforce for associations.

Nimble AMS releases new Salesforce Lightning communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are memberships in Salesforce?

As a Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Salesforce does not feature membership tracking by default. Associations looking to utilize Salesforce’s data aggregation tools turn to Association Management Software (AMS) like Nimble AMS which provides tailored membership management solutions built on the Salesforce platform.

What are engagement plans in Salesforce?

Associations use engagement plans in Salesforce to track and manage the involvement of their constituents with their association. Nimble AMS allows for the record of a variety of engagement types, including Speaker/Presenter, Content Creator/Editor, General Volunteer, Moderator, and Testimony.

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