3 ways to take your association’s online community to the next level

Using the right tools and techniques makes it easy to get more out of your association’s online community. 

Here’s how Nimble Communities can help you take your online community to the next level.

Your association might just be getting started with an online community. Or maybe you have one in place, but it could be doing more for your organization. Either way, your online community has big potential. You just need the right tools and techniques in place to take it to the next level. 

Nimble Communities from Nimble AMS makes it easy for you to ensure your association gets the most out of your online community. It’s built on Salesforce Experience Cloud and gives you the association-specific templates and capabilities you need to build a vibrant online community.  

Here are three ways you can use Nimble Communities to take your online community to the next level: 

1. Attract and engage members.
An online member community connects members with each other and gives them access to timely and relevant content year-round from the convenience of their home, office, or wherever they are. With Nimble Communities, you can use your online community to recruit new members and get members more engaged 

For example:

  • Give non-members limited access to your online community to demonstrate the benefits of becoming a member of your association.
  • Create a newcomer group where new members can ask questions and discuss topics so that they feel at home in your association right away.
  • Connect your most engaged members with less engaged members using one-to-one, private messaging – giving low-engagement members a “buddy” who can help them feel more plugged in with your organization.

2. Work more efficiently.
Nimble Communities makes it easy to set up and manage your online community. So, you can provide greater member value without a lot of added work.  

For example:

  • Use pre-configured association-focused templates to quickly build new pages and layouts.
  • Easily define access controls for each user and group in your online community to ensure the right people automatically see the right content.
  • Automatically add and/or remove people from groups based on criteria that you define. 
  • Set up notifications to automatically send to members, giving them a digest of new posts, comments on discussions, and suggested new topics.

3. Gain insights about your members.
With Nimble Communities, you can set up dashboards to give you insights into how members are using the community. For example, in a quick glance, you can see:

    • Metrics that tell you how many of your members have joined the online community and how many are using it. So, if numbers are trending down, you can take steps to get more members using it. If they’re trending up, you can continue to deliver more of the same types of great content and encourage more of the compelling discussions you’re already fostering.
    • Metrics that give you insights into member engagement levels. This way, you’ll know if you need to take steps to encourage more discussions and activity or if you’re driving just the right amount.
    • What topics and content interest members most, so you can adjust benefits and services – or even create new ones – that deliver greater member value.

Learn more

Nimble Communities makes it easy to set up and develop a growing and thriving online community that helps you recruit more members, improve member engagement, and increase member retention. Read the guide: Transform Your Association’s Online Community

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