7 Ways Nimble AMS Sets up Customers for Success

Dave Domagala

February 13, 2019

    As you think about your association management software (AMS), you may think that all product support is the same. And you might be surprised to find out that it’s not.

    Let me explain: At Nimble AMS, we have a unique approach to client support that goes beyond answering questions and fixing things to truly setting up our customers for success. We don’t just close out client support cases, we dig in to understand what our customers are trying to accomplish, and we follow up to ensure any changes produce the results we and our customers expect.

    Here are seven ways the Nimble AMS support team helps our customers succeed:

    1. Consistent leadership

    I’ve headed up the support team since the inception of Nimble AMS, which has given our team the benefit of a consistent leader for more than a decade. This has allowed us to continuously follow industry-leading best practices to benefit our customers.

    2. We’re all in one location

    The Nimble AMS team works together in the same office. We don’t have a separate call center. We also have direct access to the Product and Implementation teams, and we know where to go and who to ask for anything we don’t know the answer to.

    3. A learning environment

    Being in the same location helps us share knowledge with each other, which is a driving principle of how we work. We also attend new product release training, so we’re continually getting smarter about our product, our customers and the association industry in general.

    4. Handoff to Support

    We have a close understanding of each of our customers’ implementations. In fact, we take the time to meet with the Nimble Services and Implementation teams to find out about how each client’s implementation went, and discuss any issues or considerations to keep in mind as we work with the client.

    5. A consultative approach

    We don’t just answer a customer question or fix a customer issue and move on. We dig deeper to understand what our customers are trying to accomplish in case there may be a more efficient or effective way to tackle the task. And of course, we want to make sure we don’t do anything that might break our customers’ solutions tomorrow at the expense of “fixing” an issue today.

    6. Customer empowerment

    Nimble AMS customers have access to multiple resources to give them the knowledge they need to succeed. Those resources include:

    • Nimble AMS Help site, which offers searchable product documentation.
    • The NimbleLand online community, which connects Nimble AMS customers and partners so they can post questions, get answers and share ideas.
    • Nightly automated tests that the Nimble AMS Support team runs to watch for any potential issue so we can proactively notify our clients. Our customers can then let us know if they would like us to look into the issue further. This is particularly helpful for customers who are doing their own product configurations because we can notify them of anything we uncover that may become an issue down the road.

    7. Top-tier support for all 

    With other product vendors, different types of questions and different organizations may receive responses from different support teams. With Nimble AMS Support, all of our customers get the same great level of support. No matter the organization or the question, all of our customers have access to our experienced Support team as part of the product licensing fee.

    Dave Domagala, Customer Success Manager, Community Brands 

    Want to learn more about how Nimble AMS Support helps our customers succeed? Visit the Nimble AMS Client Support page.

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