Nimble AMS Customers

​“Customer Success” is a popular phrase right now—but what does it mean here at NimbleUser and most importantly what does it mean for our clients? In a nutshell, it means we care about your success. We are committed to understanding what success means to our clients and working together to reach those goals.

​We’re not going to launch Nimble AMS and then leave you in the dark. In fact, our Customer Success really kicks in after you’ve launched Nimble AMS. You will have a Client Engagement Manager who will check in with you to ensure you are running smoothly and your staff is happy.

Your Client Engagement Manager is a great first point of contact for you—a concierge, if you will—to guide you through all things NimbleUser such as upgrades, licensing questions, new projects, and more. Your Client Engagement Manager will also meet with you annually to discuss your goals, strategies and priorities for the year. This knowledge helps NimbleUser partner with you on your success journey.
​Your Client Engagement Manager works closely with a team of people who are here to ensure your success. Our support staff is here to address any product questions or issues you might run into. Our Customer Success team is here to help you to continue to deliver new and exciting projects to your team and members.
Here at NimbleUser we pride ourselves on our culture and we have 6 core values that are the framework for our culture and your experience with us:

  1. Exceed Expectations – We want our product, our people and your experience to exceed your expectations.
  2. Empower Customers – This is your system and we want to empower you to own as much of it is as you are capable of owning—we’re here to help with the rest. 
  3. Practice Continuous Improvement – Our annual user conference, training offerings, and NimbleLand online support group are all ways we help you to continue to learn, grow, and innovate with Nimble AMS.
  4. Be Humble – We are not always right – and we can admit when we’re wrong and move quickly to help make it right!
  5. Think Long Term – Our Annual Review process helps us ensure we understand your long term goals and work together on a plan to reach those goals.
  6. Enjoy the Ride – And we do it all with a smile—and sometimes candy! 

​“The culture you create there at NimbleUser is by far your greatest asset and without the proper people it would not survive.”
-Mark Kibble