Customer Success: Life After Launch and Continuous Innovation

To meet your goals, look for an association management software tech partner focused on your long-term success.

The Nimble AMS team goes beyond simply implementing your solution. Here’s how we help you produce the results you expect – now and as your organization grows and evolves.

“Customer success” is a popular phrase these days. But, why is it important? And, what does it really mean for your association?

According to the Community Brands Digital Evolution Study, most professional membership organizations continue to feel technologically unprepared for the future. Working with an AMS technology partner truly focused on your success – beyond simply implementing your solution and moving on – helps to meet your needs now and as your organization grows and evolves.

To the Nimble AMS team, customer success means caring about what you are trying to accomplish and helping to produce the results you expect. We’re committed to understanding what success means to you and working together to reach those goals.

​In practical terms, our approach means we don’t launch Nimble AMS and then wish you good luck. In fact, our customer success approach really kicks into high gear after you’ve launched Nimble AMS.

Your client engagement manager

First, you will have a client engagement manager who checks in to ensure things are running smoothly and your staff is successfully utilizing Nimble AMS. Your client engagement manager is your point of contact – a sort of concierge – to guide you through all things Nimble AMS, such as upgrades, licensing, new projects, and more.

Your client engagement manager also meets with you annually to discuss your goals, strategies, and priorities for the year. The findings from this meeting help the Nimble AMS team partner with you on your success journey.

​Support that sets you up for success

Your client engagement manager works closely with a team of people to ensure your success. The team is here to help you to continue to deliver new and exciting projects to your team and members.

In addition, the Nimble AMS support staff is on hand to address any product questions or issues you might run into. And they do more than that.

As with the rest of the Nimble AMS team, they’re focused on setting you up for success. This goes beyond closing out support cases. They dig in to understand what you are trying to accomplish, and then follow up to ensure any changes produce the expected results.

The values that drive your success

Seven core values drive the Nimble AMS team. These values represent the framework for our culture and your experience with us:

  1. We’re purposeful. We’re committed to cause-driven organizations, have a shared purpose, and build technology to empower our customers to achieve their mission.
  2. We’re action-oriented. We solve problems, and we’re not afraid to fail. We seek opportunities for improvement and strive to transform the way we work.
  3. We’re service-minded. We care about, and are dedicated to, improving the communities in which we live and work. We’re a group of motivated volunteers, members, and donors committed to affecting positive change, and we work together to improve the lives of those around us.
  4. We’re steadfast. We say what we do and do what we say. We advocate for our clients, take ownership, and take pride in what we do.
  5. We’re inquisitive. We’re curious. We listen, we value all opinions, and we seek to understand.
  6. We’re open. We strive to be transparent. We give and take feedback. We embrace new ideas, try new things, and communicate openly and without prejudice.
  7. We’re nimble. We don’t get caught up in red tape. We take action together, and we work fast to introduce the right innovation at the right time.

Want to learn more about how Nimble AMS helps our customers? Check out the Nimble AMS Client Support page.

Learn more about why Nimble AMS is the most in-demand AMS built on the Salesforce CRM platform.

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