A decade of Nimble AMS: A flashback of favorite things

Jeff Golembiewski

January 26, 2022

    Nimble AMS 30th Release LogoNimble AMS is celebrating 10 years and our 30th upgrade release.

    As our founder said, “There is nothing that cannot be made better.  Period.”  


    When we started Nimble AMS 10 years ago, we looked at ways to change the industry, to disrupt the status quo of the association management software (AMS) space and help organizations rethink what an AMS actually is. To build a ground-breaking product that was innovative and cost effective. We envisioned a future where associations were the superheroes at the forefront of innovation. Superheroes using world-class technology to advance their missions that impact policies that strengthen safety and security standards, advance job skills and create new employment opportunities, and build a stronger economy.  

    We’ve strived to build that future with our customers over the last 30 releases of Nimble AMS. (That’s 10 years of following Salesforce seasonal release model. Three releases every year, like clockwork.) Together, we’ve compiled a flashback of some of our staff and customers’ favorite features of Nimble AMS. Let’s take a step back in time…   

    Express Pay – One of everyone’s favorites.  

    computer showing paymentMaking it easier to engage and interact with your members is our jam.  One of the many ways Nimble AMS does this is with frictionless payments through Express Pay. Let’s have Jean tell you all about Express Pay.  

    “I have worked with other AMSs before, the one feature I love is the Express Pay URL. What’s so special? When your membership belongs to a company and employees are members by default, your main contact may be the company owner. If you send an electronic renewal invoice the owner, he/she will most likely pass that along to the A/P department – who is NOT going to create an account and log in and may not even be able to see the invoice directed at the owner. With Express Pay URL – you send the link to the owner, he/she forwards the email and ANYONE can pay the invoice online w/out logging in. All they need is an active credit card.” – Jean B. G2 Review 

    Nimble Communities – Because digital engagement is here to stay.  people standing with arms up celebrating

    Sometimes timing works out perfectly. Right at the start of the pandemic, Nimble Communities was released. Nimble Communities unifies the world’s best community platform, Salesforce Experience Cloud with forward-thinking member benefits to deliver a powerful member community. We worked with our friends at American Ceramics Society (ACerS) to build the right product. From day one of product development, the staff at ACerS were providing feedback about the design and functionality of Nimble Communities.  

    “Nimble Communities was very easy to implement and is a must-have addition to anyone currently using Nimble AMS to manage their association. Communities have allowed us to engage with our constituents 365 days a year and not just at an event, while volunteering, or during renewal time. It has also provided more insight into the topics that are hot items which allows us to meet their needs in a more timely manner.” – Mark Kibble, American Ceramics Society, Salesforce AppExchange  

    Batching – This is a favorite for accounting. 

    One time, a new product feature brought a customer to tears – tears of joy that is. In the early days of Nimble AMS, we surprised one of our first customers with the ability to auto-remember batches. The goals was to streamline high volume data entry so it would automatically populate based on the last batch processed. We worked with the customer to make sure it was an easy flow for a staff user and built to ease the workload. Little did we know, it would literally bring tears of joy to the accounting dept at the organization.   

    Nimble Land – I get by with a little help from my friends 

    The power of community has never been more important. Just like association members, association staff need a community of like-minded professionals to collaborate and engage with. Enter Nimble Land. All Nimblers can utilize Nimble Land to discuss software best practices, check out what’s new in Nimble AMS or share ideas about member engagement, retention, recruitment, the list goes on. In 2013, Missouri State Teachers Association (MSTA) was the first Nimble AMS client to login and start the conversation.  

    The support provided by Nimble Land is very much appreciated.” – Anonymous G2 Review 

    Idea Day – A time for limitless possibilities

    People sitting at a table coming up with ideasIdea Day is a day of innovation where the Nimble AMS team has an opportunity to provide new ideas, inspiration and innovation for wherever Nimble AMS may be headed in the future.  The intention is to free up our team from the normal daily whirlwind to think differently, try something new, be bold, go big! 

    A few Idea Day ideas that turned into features 

    • Nimble Create: a visual template builder that allows Nimble AMS users to easily build templates for branded, personalized, and information-rich content that help to deliver an amazing member experience.  
    • Nimble Query: SOQL Queries made easy. With Nimble Query, you can examine your data in almost infinite combinations, display it in easy-to-understand formats, and use the resulting SOQL query with AppExchange apps like Nimble AMS and Salesforce customizations. 
    • In-App prompts: Leveraging Salesforce technology, in-app prompts provides on screen prompts to Nimble AMS staff users. Spoiler Alert. This is coming in the Spring ‘22 release!  

    Member Lapse Prevention – No crystal ball needed.

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could predict the future success of your member retention? While it might have seemed like a pipe dream, it’s a reality.  Nimble AMS Predictions brings the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence)Crystal ball technology to associations on the Nimble AMS platform through the power of Salesforce Einstein Prediction Builder. 

    “The predictive analytics in Nimble AMS helps IACP identify members who are at a high risk of lapsing. Utilizing the predictive analytics makes it possible to target this group with specific marketing efforts that decrease lapse and increase retention rates.” – Chuck E, Business Systems Software Manager, International Association of Chiefs of Police 

    “We worked with the Nimble AMS team to build an AI-driven solution that automatically identifies members at risk of lapsing, and then helps us take quick action to save the memberships. All of this has led to return on our investment sooner than we expected.”  – Jaclyn B, Director of Membership Services, Marine Corp Association & Foundation 

    Nimble AMS branded Winnebago

    Thank you.

    Thank you to our awesome customers that built Nimble AMS hand-in-hand with our amazing staff. We couldn’t have done it without all our awesome Nimblers. We look forward to another decade of providing associations with world-class technology to advance their missions.  

    We look forward to another decade of Living the Nimble Life!

    Jeff Golembiewski is the VP of Solution Engineering and has been part of the organization since the inception of Nimble AMS. 


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