Association Technology Heroes Choose Ecosystem Enabled AMS Platforms

Fasten Your Seat Belt – Innovation is Accelerating!


Mobility, Business Intelligence and Machine Learning are just a few of the IT Challenges associations face in their race for relevance. Being in IT today requires the ability to quickly respond to market conditions, board requests, member needs and more. You need to be a superhero.

In the modern association, innovation is now measured in weeks or months instead of years

Your Ecosystem is Critical for Innovation


For your association to adapt and innovate requires that you have a platform strategy that allows for the rapid adoption from a diverse range of partners and solution providers. This is your technology ecosystem.

Think ‘Best of Need’

The days of the AMS doing everything from Content Management (CMS) to Learning Management (LMS) are long gone. ASAE CIO Reggie Henry notes that Associations today need to think in terms of ‘Best of Need’ and the AMS needs to support easy integration to those systems.
Your IT stack is a Solar System and the AMS needs to be able to flex to integrate all of the planets.

The AMS Platform Enables The Ecosystem

What is important to know is how the platform your Association Management Software (AMS) uses enables an ecosystem. ​
Nobody has ever built an ecosystem bigger or better than Salesforce has
Jason Bloomberg – Forbes

Signs Your AMS platform is an Ecosystem Enabler:

  • App Store
    It has an App Store with thousands of apps to enable your association to extend and integrate quickly and without code. A great example of this is the Salesforce AppExchange which features over 3,000 apps that have been downloaded millions of times.
An AMS with an App Store is like having Home Depot next door –  no matter what tool you need, it’s right there, immediately available, with competition, quantity and variety.
  • Enterprise API
    It has a world-class API. The API should be versioned so that other elements of the ecosystem (LMS, CMS, etc) can be upgraded without requiring changes to the AMS and vice versa.  Again, Salesforce has a great API.
  • Integration Framework
    It has an point and click integration framework. Think of this as a “Platform on a Platform” that empowers associations to enable integrations without code. The Nimble AMS Integration Framework is a great example of this type of empowering framework.
  • Network Effect
    It leverages the network effect, a phenomenon whereby a good or service becomes more valuable when more people use it. A good example of this is the Salesforce AppExchange; developers build apps on the platform because there are so many customers (Over 160,000) using it. Conversely, organizations choose Salesforce because of the number of apps. The platform creates a virtuous cycle for Associations, partners, 3rd party apps and consultants.  ​

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