Decade of Nimblers: A celebration of our staff

Matt Rist

February 10, 2022

    The Nimble AMS 30th Release Celebration Continues!  

    An orange heart with Nimble AMS in the centerAs we celebrate the 30th release of Nimble AMS and a decade of seasonal releases, ‘tis the season to be thankful! And, are we ever. It has been a remarkable decade, and there’s so much to look forward to in the next decade. Now’s the perfect time for us to take a step back and celebrate the team that has built Nimble AMS over the last decade.  

    Here’s a highlight reel of some of the staff who have helped build Nimble AMS.  


    Andrew Marone, Platform Developer, Salesforce Platform Developer Certified 

    What is your favorite thing about Nimble AMS?
    My favorite thing about Nimble AMS is that we allow our clients to really transform it according to their own vision and brand. With every new feature I’m always just as excited to see what our clients will think to do with it.

    Andrew’s background
    During my time at Nimble AMS I’ve had the opportunity of working with the QA, DevOps and most recently the Evergreen squad. It’s been pretty amazing getting to see the different aspects of our development process as well as so many talented teams.

    Fun fact about Andrew
    My wife and I recently welcomed our daughter Maggie into the world in January!


    Dave Domagala, Director of Customer Support  

    What is your favorite thing about Nimble AMS?
    My favorite thing about Nimble AMS is that it’s a powerful solution with a menagerie of features built on one of the most flexible and robust platforms that can help Organizations and Associations to grow and help serve their constituents.  Being from a Support mindset, the best way to help as many people as possible is to help those that help others.

    Dave’s background
    A degree in Information Technology with multiple concentrations allows me to put my skills and technical aptitude to good use.  Coming into the association space as a developer eventually shifted into combining my technical skills with my people and business understanding and becoming an Applications Analyst and several other roles. I’ve been working with and managing the Support Team for Nimble AMS since its inception.   

    Fun fact about Dave
    I love going on cruises (seven so far and one upcoming). Not only do they generally take you off-grid, but they give you the opportunity to do a little sampling of everything. You can evaluate where you’d like to go back to and spend more time.


    Adam Carey, Senior Director of Client Services, Salesforce Certified App Builder  

    What is your favorite thing about Nimble AMS?
    It’s rare to work for a product company where every voice is considered when developing new or updating existing features. Having a professional services background, I’ve been grateful to represent our engineers with the goal to strengthen our product’s appeal to teams who leverage Salesforce’s platform to accommodate business requirements without deviating from our product’s standard functionality. To see our ideas in each customer’s org is truly rewarding

    Adam’s background
    With over 15 years of Association experience and 10 years of technical Salesforce experience, I provide solution architecture and design oversight, ensuring that each team tailors our platform – making the right decisions and using the right methods – to reduce confusion and enable greatness. I bring my passion for innovation to each new challenge and seek to inspire our clients to do the same

    Fun Fact about Adam
    I was inspired to roast my own coffee beans over the past year and a half and have since roasted about 40lbs of coffee with various origins. Each coffee was more enjoyable than store bought (except those first couple of batches!) 


    Sanchi Behl, Technical Writer  

     What is your favorite thing about Nimble AMS?
    Nimble AMS has an ideal work environment and the way almost everyone’s work ethic here inspires me. I have multiple paragons to look up to and follow – in the amazing way they think and the knowledge they’ve gathered over the years. The incredible support shown by our managers, and the agile way of doing things drives me to work better and achieve more every day!

     Sanchi’s background
    Prior to Nimble AMS, I started out as a member of the QA team. I was trained and transitioned into a Technical Writer shortly after and worked there for 6 years. I later moved to Community Brands in a similar yet much more exciting role.

     Fun fact about Sanchi
    I love recording all the things which amaze me – to come back later and have a dedicated Instagram handle for my recordings.


    Ajay Singh, Director of Product Management, Pragmatic Certified Product Manager, Level III  

     What is your favorite thing about Nimble AMS?
    Our customers are the most amazing and collaborative people I have ever worked with. They make innovation easier for the product team. There are many examples where our most innovative features have come out of client collaborations, like Nimble AMS Member Lapse prediction, or One Payment, etc.   

     Ajay’s background
    Nearly a decade working with Associations, in every role possible in Product Management. When I started working with Associations a decade ago, we as an industry were many years behind other for-profit industries in terms of technology. I have seen that gap shrink to almost negligible in last few years.   

     Fun fact about Ajay
    I have travelled to over 25 countries.  


    Logan Heaney, Lead Sr. Solutions Engineer, Salesforce Certified Administrator and Platform App Builder 

     What is your favorite thing about Nimble AMS?
    Being a part of an extremely talented and supportive team that seeks challenges and not complacency.  

     Logan’s background
    10+ years of crafting and delivering unique solution demonstrations for associations, educational institutions, and businesses.  

     Fun fact about Logan
    My wife and I first met at a middle school band concert (Makenzie was our lone French Horn player and I was pretty much John Coltrane on Alto Sax)! Fast-forward 18+ years, we happily live in NY with our son Lincoln (2), our daughter Isla (4mo.), and two Boston Terriers, Louie & Oscar. Also, Go Bills! 


    Amy Bell, Manager, Implementation Consultant   

    What is your favorite thing about Nimble AMS?
    The culture! The thing that I’ve always admired the most about the Nimble team (even as a client before I worked here) is the culture. We truly have such a fun and intelligent group of people that are always willing to share their knowledge and help one another out.  That is exceedingly rare to find and I really value being a part of a team that has such a strong culture.

    Amy’s Background
    I’ve worked at Nimble for over 4 years – most recently as a Consulting Manager and before that in a consultant role. Prior to joining Nimble AMS, I worked in the nonprofit association industry for seven years with my primary focus on membership and project management.

    Fun fact about Amy
    I currently run a homeschool co-op group with several other families. I am also a huge Harry Potter fan and love to use Harry Potter names when creating testing accounts! 😊 


    Rob Banwar, Director of Enterprise Sales  

     What is your favorite thing about Nimble AMS?
    There’s a lot!  The best thing overall is that Nimble AMS empowers non-profits to do more good with the most up-to-date and innovative technology around!  But if I take my sales hat off, my favorite features of Nimble AMS are Nimble Create and our awesome support team! 

     Rob’s background
    As a career technologist, I’ve had a lot of great opportunities – the most influential was my time with Apple as a B2B Sales Manager, focusing on mid-market businesses, educational institutions, and religious organizations.  From there, I learned about Salesforce and worked with their Partner network on custom Salesforce solutions, before finding a home with the awesome product and team at Nimble AMS! 

     Fun fact about Rob
    I live in NY with my beautiful and talented wife who is a PhD Researcher at our local university.  We both love to garden, make home improvements, and play with our two rescue dogs!  In my free time I collect comics, cards, and toys, and am the biggest Star Trek fan you’ve ever met!! 


    Sapna Bhat, Product Manager 

     What is your favorite thing about Nimble AMS?
    All Nimble AMS clients are on the same version. That’s unheard of in the association space! This promise of a smooth upgrade with no additional cost is one of my favorite things about Nimble AMS. The upgrade approach is modeled after the Salesforce’s methodology of three product releases each year. Nimble AMS clients receive the latest and greatest from not only the Salesforce platform and Nimble AMS, but they do not have to wait for lengthy periods of time to take advantage of the most innovative solutions. Associations do not have to worry about costly upgrades or the hassle of their AMS system getting outdated but instead can focus on driving their organization’s mission forward and delivering value to its members. 

    Sapna’s background
    I bring around 13 years of experience in software development, having worked in different roles, with most of that experience in the association industry and within the Community Brands family.

    Fun fact about Sapna
    I love doing jigsaw puzzles. One corner of my kitchen island is almost always occupied with a puzzle to complete. 


    Amith Degavekar, Senior Development Manager  

    What is your favorite thing about Nimble AMS?
    I have been associated with Nimble AMS for the last 3 years and am proud to be part of our fantastic team. One of the important aspects of the product is Framework First Philosophy wherein our team focuses on building independent functioning blocks like Lego blocks. 

    Amith’s background
    I started my career as Java developer working in Finance industry and worked on world class enterprise Software’s for Financial and E-commerce industry before coming to Nimble AMS. 

    Fun fact about Amith
    I like to sing and participated in many jamming sessions with friends. I am a fitness enthusiast and a runner. I have successfully completed a half marathon and aspire to run a full marathon. 


    Nicole Benson, Lead User Experience Design Developer 

    What is your favorite thing about Nimble AMS?
    I really love being able to design and help grow the user experience on Nimble AMS with thoughtful interfaces. 

    Nicole’s background
    I am a high-level user experience graphic designer who focuses on the interaction of customers on product design. I am part of AIGA, the Professional Association for Design, am a certified artist for the city of Boston, and have a BFA in Graphic Design with a specialty in user interfaces.

    Fun fact about Nicole
    I collect vinyl records to DJ and have a wall of records.

    We are so thankful for all the staff that put in their time, talent, and treasure into bringing world-class technology to associations to advance their missions that impact policies that strengthen safety and security standards, advance job skills and build a stronger economy. 

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