Deliver a better member experience using AI-based chatbots

Jeff Golembiewski

December 19, 2019

    Is your association ready for a modern member experience? Use chatbots!

    Artificial intelligence technologies, like chatbots, can help associations work more efficiently and boost member satisfaction. Here’s more about chatbots, what they can do for your association, and how to start using them.

    Wouldn’t it be great to have a magical employee who worked 24/7 and could automatically handle common member requests and questions?

    Using the power of an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven chatbot, having that staffer is no longer just a dream. Chatbots allow members to quickly and accurately interact with your association without waiting for open office hours or a human to become available.

    Automation technologies, including chatbots, have started to catch the attention of associations. In fact, according to the Community Brands Digital Evolution Study, those working at professional member organizations indicate that artificial intelligence is an emerging area for technology investment at the associations where they work. In fact, four percent say they have invested in AI technology, and 15 percent plan to invest.

    Since chatbots are a simple form of AI technology, maybe it’s time to take a closer look at what they are and what they can do for your association.

    What are chatbots?
    You’ve probably come across chatbots multiple times on websites when a box pops up and asks if you need help. They’re basically computer programs that simulate conversations with human users – particularly over the internet.

    There are two types of chatbots:

    • Rules-based chatbots, which have no artificial intelligence functionality. They simply follow the “rules” they have been given.
    • Machine-learning, or artificial intelligence (AI)-based chatbots, which “learn” from customer interactions, infer context, refer to older conversations, and offer resources to help.

    You can think of chatbots as an automated version of live chat support, in which a customer and a customer support agent must both be present at the same time to engage in a conversation.

    While live chat support is a minimum requirement for businesses that want to offer a great customer experience, it’s typically not practical to have customer support agents available around the clock to answer questions and provide help. That’s where chatbots can make a huge difference in the customer experience.

    What chatbots can do for your association
    Chatbots can help your organization support and scale your association’s relations with members, in turn improving the customer experience. For example, you can automate aspects of member service, such as answering/assisting with common questions or renewing a membership via a chatbot to provide immediate response 24/7 and free up staff time.With chatbots intercepting and answering the more straightforward questions, the more complex inquiries can be passed to a live agent, who can take the necessary time to assist the member and ensure an exceptional experience.

    Using chatbot technology offers multiple benefits, including:

    • Immediate support for your members
    • Greater member satisfaction
    • Time and money savings by automating repetitive work (also frees staff time so they can focus more on delivering member programs
    • Reduced number of human errors

    Get started with AI chatbots
    Using a sophisticated machine learning, or AI-based chatbot may seem out of reach for your association, but it’s not! Using Salesforce platform-based Nimble AMS, which leverages the Salesforce Einstein AI technology, associations can easily set up AI-based chatbots with point-and-click simplicity.
    Isn’t it time your association leveraged AI to provide more personalized member experiences?

    Learn more about AI and how you can use it to meet today’s evolving member expectations. Read the paper, What Every Association Should Know About Artificial Intelligence.

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