Why continuous software updates mean ROI for your association

Imagine what would happen to your organization if your outdated association management software (AMS) suddenly imploded. Members couldn’t pay their dues, new members couldn’t join, and no one could participate in your online community.  
Your association would see a decline in member engagement, retention, and recruitment. Ultimately, your organization would experience a sharp decline in ROI.  
Everyone needs technology that provides consistent, hassle-free product upgrades year after year. Discover the benefits of adopting a modern AMS that updates routinely, with no additional cost to customers.   

The benefits of continuous updates and what can happen if you don’t upgrade your AMS 

The financial value of continuous software upgrades is high. When an organization routinely updates its technology, it can save anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000. The value for every association will increase with each software release.  

If your organization doesn’t upgrade your software, your technology is at a greater risk of failing when you need it most. Consider the recent meltdown of the technological infrastructure of Southwest Airlines and the resulting PR nightmare. While your association might not face the same degree of backlash, if your software imploded, you would face member anger and could risk a decline in ROI.  

How Nimble AMS continuous updates outrank the competition

When it comes to continuous software updates, you can trust that Nimble AMS will deliver. With three seamless upgrades a year, you’ll always have access to the latest technology to help your association thrive.

What you can expect with Nimble AMS:

  • Full Salesforce Sandbox. With Nimble AMS, each customer has access to a full Salesforce Sandbox to test and train your staff—at no additional cost. Your sandbox is updated before each release with a preview version and all local Apex tests are run for all customers.    
  • Version certification. When it’s time to update Nimble AMS, a new milestone version must pass through a gauntlet of certification tests to be made generally available. Some of these tests will include the following:
    • Collaborative Go/No-go to conclude each sprint and authorize the milestone.  
    • Tens of thousands of automated regression tests. 
    • Realistic mock customer upgrade. 
    • Exploratory milestone testing of new features. 
    • Pilot customer sandboxes, populated with sample data.
  • Pilot features. New Nimble AMS features are introduced as pilots to selected customers to obtain early feedback. 
  • Change log. A detailed log is kept for each version, itemizing each update to the product. 
  • Group scheduling. When it’s time to update Nimble AMS, production upgrades are rolled out in groups. Releases are scheduled in push upgrades to ensure the updates are convenient for customers.
  • Salesforce Security Review. Nimble AMS proactively submits every seasonal update to Salesforce for a full security review. Although it’s not a requirement, we undergo this extra step because your security is of the utmost importance to us.   

Learn why Nimble AMS means ROI for your association

When it comes to ROI for your technology budget, choose an AMS with continuous updates. Discover how Nimble AMS can streamline processes and offer an amazing member experience for your association today!

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