Why associations should care about continuous product updates

Did you know that Nimble AMS has a long history of offering product innovation and enhancements? Like Salesforce, Nimble AMS offers three annual product upgrades, ensuring its customers have access to the latest software functionality and product capabilities.

For more than a decade the Nimble AMS product team has dedicated itself to providing associations with the latest in enhancements and innovations. Read our blog to learn how Nimble AMS stands apart from the competition with its continuous product updates.

What are continuous product updates?

When you use older association management software it can slow your association down and cause your staff to work harder. However, when you use an innovative AMS platform, you’ll access continuous product updates, ensuring you’ll always have access to the latest software functionality.

Here are the top three benefits you’ll get with a modern AMS and continuous product updates:

  1. Automatic software enhancements
  2. The same product version
  3. No additional charge

With Nimble AMS you will receive three routine product updates in the Summer, Winter, and Spring. You’ll also receive an additional three, annual product upgrades from Salesforce, offering the latest innovations for your association.

“I’ve been with Community Brands and Nimble AMS since 2002,” said Matt Rist, Community Brands VP of Product Associations. “At the very beginning, we saw the challenge associations had in trying to keep up to date with technology and staying on the same versions. We worked hard at Nimble AMS to ensure everyone would have access to the latest products, focusing on delivering the technology associations needed through continuous updates.”

4 reasons associations need continuous product updates

Why should associations value continuous product updates? To stay competitive within your industry, you will need the latest technology for your staff and members. Here are four more reasons associations value Nimble AMS’ continuous product updates:

1. Constant improvements

Take advantage of the latest technological innovations as you access the most up-to-date features and functionality Nimble AMS has to offer. Nimble AMS and Salesforce offer three seasonal product releases to ensure you get the latest updates and leverage these technological offerings whenever your organization is ready.

These constant improvements will help your association be more proactive in embracing the latest technological trends. For example, you’ll be equipped to increase member retention, target new membership, and enhance your member experience.

2. Lower total costs

Nimble AMS ensures its customers are on the same product version because ultimately it means lower costs of ownership. With routine product upgrades and constant innovation, your organization will see an extension of your product lifespan. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about costly upgrades or frustrating updates that break your system.

3. Quality

The Nimble AMS team has always put effort into providing quality staff and member experiences. Nimble AMS invests in a smooth user experience, seeking feedback from its users to constantly offer improvements, resulting in the best experience for its customers.

4. Security

Because Nimble AMS releases three product updates a year, it ensures its product version is more secure and Nimble AMS customers are protected from security threats. With Nimble AMS continuous upgrades, our team can protect you from the latest cybersecurity risks.

6 risks to delaying software product upgrades

Still not convinced continuous product upgrades are the right choice for your association. Here are six risks to delays software updates:

1. Higher costs of ownership

If you don’t have a product that’s keeping you up to date, and you’re looking at a release that comes out every year or two, your technology will quickly become obsolete. Your staff will soon have to worry about bugs, security risk, and incompatibility issues with other technology platforms. Ultimately this makes your platform more costly to use.

2. Reduced compliance

Your organization maintains IT compliance through routine security upgrades. If you wait to update your software, you might find your association faces steep compliance fines.

3. Increased risks

If you go without routine product updates, you’re more likely to introduce cybersecurity risks into your system. Don’t compromise the security of your association—choose continuous upgrades.

4. Left behind

Without routine software updates, your association won’t receive any enhancements to its association management software, receiving the latest functionality or innovations. However, with continuous product upgrades, you’ll get to explore new capabilities to enhance your user experience.

5. More bugs

An AMS that doesn’t offer routine product updates can get buggy, fast. When you choose technology with continuous product updates, buggy software is fixed addressed quickly.

6. Decreased performance

It’s unwise to ignore product updates. Choosing not to upgrade to the latest software version can lead to decreased performance and crashes.

“As one of the original developers of Nimble AMS, I’ve seen firsthand how continuous updates can revolutionize the way we serve our member-based organizations. Staying current with software updates is crucial for your association’s success,” said Rist.

Learn more about the benefits of continuous product updates

Do you still have questions about continuous product updates? Learn more about the benefits of continuous product updates for your association.

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