How to Turn Your Trade Show Booth Into a Magnet

Every exhibitor has had the experience of seeing a truly incredible booth idea and wondered “How did they think of that?”

The design of your booth serves as a first impression of your company to trade show attendees, so it’s important that you pay a lot of attention to this aspect. The trade show booth can be difficult to get to the Goldilocks level – that is, “just right.”


Your display should reflect your industry, brand and mission. Attracting trade show traffic is important, but if you do so in a way that misrepresents who you are, attendees may feel misled and your lead capture efforts might be compromised as a result.

  • Tailor graphics displays to your audience. You should be extremely familiar with your demographic’s needs and pain points, so be sure to use this knowledge to your advantage when creating displays. If you don’t know how to appeal to your target audience, do some research!
  • In terms of graphic design, avoid pitfalls such as busy patterns, unnecessary text and hard-to- read fonts, and make use of contrasting colors. You should also be aware of the psychology behind different color choices – black conveys authority, blue is peaceful, white is innocent, etc.
  • Mix and match display types such as hanging signage, header signs and banner stands. Hanging signage looks great from far away, header signs are their shorter-distance equivalent and banner stands are best viewed at close proximity.

Make it Clear What Your Company Does ​

The window to capture attendee attention may be as short as 10 seconds. That means a booth needs to immediately tell passersby what the company is offering. If the message is muddled, someone may walk on by, never knowing that he or she would have been interested in the product. If attendees don’t know where to look or what is important, they may miss a company’s whole message rather than gaining extra information. At the end of the day, your graphics choices should result in your core message being presented clearly and concisely for maximum impact. For greater success at this year’s trade show, take advantage of the many visual options available – it’s a quick and effective way to communicate your brand and draw leads to your booth! To learn more download the Ebook, 8 Steps to the Ultimate Trade Show Booth.

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