Three tips to transform your association event into a top member experience

Do your members value inperson events? If so, give them something to talk about when you improve the member experience by adopting innovative technology!  
Associations Now reports that young professionals value in-person events. Regardless of age or professional background, all members value the personalization of events and there is still a distinct desire for hybrid options.  
Choosing modern association management software (AMS) is the perfect way to accommodate your members event wishes. Here’s how to get started.

How to boost the member experience at your next event  

One of the easiest ways to enhance the member experience is by leveraging an AMS that streamlines staff processes, ultimately allowing them to focus on higher value activities. Look for an AMS that makes events easy for members by offering the following features: 

1. Session management. With an innovative AMS, association staff can streamline the management of event sessions to maximize your members’ time and money at an upcoming annual conference. Create an event agenda and utilize tech to ensure members don’t sign up for overlapping sessions. 

2. Boost sponsorships. When you adopt a modern AMS, you can rest assured you’ll have the technology to secure sponsorships that are relevant to your members. Because sponsorships are vital to the financial success of any event, leveraging technology will ensure any potential sponsors can find opportunities to invest in upcoming events. Ultimately, guaranteeing even more sponsorships for your association events in the future. 

TECH TIP: Leverage the Nimble AMS Lightning Store to streamline the sale of sponsorships. With the Lightning Store, you can easily sell sponsorships on your e-commerce site, or your event page, and staff can easily track who sponsors different events.

3. Online community platform. As you look to enhance the member experience at your next event, search for an AMS that offers an online community. Leveraging an online community throughout the event experience allows members to connect before, during, and after your event.

To generate buzz in your online community, consider sharing the details about your event speakers, sessions, and location across different channels. Doing so can help to increase registration and interest in your event. 

TECH TIP: When you use the Nimble AMS online platform, Nimble Communities, you can improve the member experience at your next event. During the entire event experience, offer a virtual point of connection for attendees and drive event engagement across your online community.

Learn how to transform your association’s events with Nimble AMS

Are you looking for even more ways to drive an exceptional member experience at your upcoming event? Read our free whitepaper—How to leverage innovative technology at your next association event—to get started today!


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