Three event survey strategies to gain actionable insights at your association

Are you looking for proven methods to improve your events? Gain actionable insights on the current status of your association’s events when you conduct routine surveys. With surveys, you’ll discover areas where your events are performing well and areas where you’ll need to improve. You’ll also learn how you can enhance the attendee and member experience.  

We’re here to help you improve your events and enhance your member experience with three event survey strategies.  

Survey strategies to improve the member experience at your association events

Offering routine event surveys is a great way to gain actionable insights and boost member engagement at your organization. Follow these tips to get started:

1. How to create your event survey. Write short, specific, and clear questions for your survey. Think from your members’ perspective as you create your questions and consider, “does what I’m asking make any sense?”

You’ll want to include questions to help you gain feedback and improve the member experience. Some examples could include:  

  • What could we do to improve your in-person/virtual event experience? 
  • How could we improve your meal experience?  
  • Did you use our event app? How could it be improved? 

Before sending your survey, ask your co-workers to answer your questions, to ensure they make sense.

2. How to review your event survey data. After you get your event survey data, you’ll need to analyze your results. Perhaps one of the easiest ways to review your data is to segment it. Do so by breaking it down by topic, like member experience or event session, to help you identify actionable insights for your organization.

Another strategy to help you analyze your data is to apply a numerical value to your survey results. Using a numerical value system will help you filter out less useful feedback and leverage more actionable insights.

Finally, you’ll want to review your data with your association staff. Unpacking your event data ensures everyone at your organization is on the same page for your events. Ask your employees to share their experiences at the event too.

3. How to implement your event feedback. Once you have a clear picture of how your latest event went, you can leverage your insights to improve future events. To make changes, consider publishing any relevant feedback in member communications or sharing survey results in member town halls. You should also follow up with how you plan on addressing the feedback in future events.

Discussing member feedback and your staff’s response will help your member feel heard, ultimately boosting the attendee and member experience. 

Discover more strategies to improve your association’s events and enhance the member experience 

Your members’ voices are valuable. Ensure you conduct routine event surveys to capture member feedback and guarantee they feel heard. Start listening to your members’ feedback to enhance the attendee and member experience at your association.

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