How to understand payment processing and PCI compliance for your association

Saj Hoffman-Hussain

August 22, 2019

    Improve security, build trust, and enhance customer experience with Hosted Payment Forms from Nimble AMS

    When picking a payment partner solution for your association to enhance PCI-compliance consider these questions before moving forward.

    The internet has provided great opportunities for nonprofits to increase brand awareness, recruit new members, and raise funds for the causes they support. While this brings many advantages, there are also many challenges when it comes to making secure, PCI-compliant online payments for things such as dues and donations. Members want to be sure their sensitive payment details and personal data don’t end up in the wrong hands. Associations want to be sure the solution they pick is easily enabled and serves constituents in a safe and secure fashion.

    When picking a payment partner solution for your association to enhance PCI-compliance consider the following:

    • Does the partner provide a trusted, safe, and secure payment processor?
    • Will the payment platform meet the highest security standard for internet security and PCI compliance?
    • Is the payment partner committed to managing fraud effectively?
    • Will the payment processor solution help build trust, enhance awareness for the association brand, and offer an interface that’s easy to use?

    Why choose Nimble AMS Hosted Payment Forms?

    Trusted and secure payment processing

    Nimble AMS’s Hosted Payment Forms are a secure place to process transactions, reducing PCI liability for your association, with sensitive information never directly touching Nimble AMS. Organizations process daily credit card transactions and need a safe, secure, and PCI-compliant solution. By leveraging Community Brands with CardConnect, Nimble AMS is now able to further reduce the PCI liability of an association through Hosted Payment Forms. Hosted Payment Forms provides an enhanced user experience when using credit/debit cards or bank accounts with the same functionality that associations have come to expect. Using Bluepay Hosted Payment Forms makes PCI compliance much easier than before for organizations, as credit card data never touches the system and is directly passed to and handled by BluePay. Increased PCI-compliance means a reduced administrative burden for merchants, increased security, and a convenient interface for members.


    You can be confident that credit card data entered is securely hosted by BluePay. This provides a higher level of security, reduces merchant liability, and makes sure that credit card data never touches the Nimble AMS system.

    Have additional peace of mind with the option to select Level 2 or 3 Credit Card processing to control costs and request additional information on each transaction processed. In exchange for additional information and the larger size of the transaction, credit card companies offer lower interchange fees. Acceptance of Level 2 payments reduces your fees and increases your profits. Plus, this capability allows you to expand your customer base to include companies that use Level 2 credit cards. Level 3 provides an enhanced level of reporting and is particularly beneficial for larger associations to monitor and track internal spending.

    To find out more on Hosted Payment Forms check out the Nimble AMS Help Site.

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