Lead Conversion Made Easy With Nimble AMS

Luke Freeland

January 4, 2015

    A few months back, a client asked if we could convert Leads into accounts and affiliations with Nimble AMS while using Person Accounts. Our response; you betcha.​

    ​Let’s start with creating a new open lead.


    Next, let’s click the convert button which opens the custom convert lead page.
    The Company Name allows staff to choose whether a new company should be created, if the lead should be affiliated with any potential matching companies in Nimble AMS, or just an individual should be created.
    The Record Owner allows staff to decide who should own the converted records.
    Using these options, staff can select whether or not the converted lead, which becomes an individual, should also be tied to a company or not. If the individual is linked to the company through a new affiliation record. Now, let’s convert this lead to an individual without any company.
    Voila. A converted lead becomes an individual.

    Have Your Lead Cake and Eat it Too

    With Nimble AMS lead conversion you get all of the advantages of person accounts and the ability to easily process leads.
    For more information on person accounts see these posts from our blog:

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