4 Salesforce World Tour takeaways for your association

In mid-April, the Nimble AMS team attended the 2023 Salesforce World Tour in Washington DC. Our team joined thousands of industry peers and trailblazing association professionals to learn, network, and innovate at the free Salesforce Tour event.  
After the event concluded, we sat down with the onsite Nimble AMS team to discuss their experiences. Here are four takeaways you can leverage at your association:

1. The Salesforce World Tour drives innovation. 

The Salesforce World Tour offered an excellent opportunity for our Nimble AMS team to connect with industry partners, colleagues, clients, and Salesforce contacts. If your association wants to experience the Salesforce culture, this event is the place to do it.

Your organization will have the opportunity to witness the entire Salesforce ecosystem in action, from Tableau Analytics to Marketing Cloud. “Whether we were discussing Sales Cloud, listening to an Einstein demonstration, or even just engaging with other attendees, we were surrounded by a helpful culture aiming to drive innovation at our organizations,” said Jeff Bachelor, Director of Sales.

2. Salesforce events are all about learning and engagement.

The 2023 Salesforce World Tour offered 90 sessions about boosting technology efficiency, enhancing engagement, and discussing industry issues. Outside of the sessions, our team had the opportunity to network with individual attendees including industry peers, association leaders, and Salesforce contacts. “It was amazing to see the depth of experience across the Salesforce ecosystem,” said Bachelor. “Every attendee we interacted with had something to add to each conversation.”

Being in-person at the Salesforce World Tour added great value to the event, ensuring our team created valuable connections with attendees.  “The opportunity to interact in person with clients, partners, and prospects had the power to truly change the narrative and trajectory of our partnerships,” said Susan Stewart-Kelley, Senior Sales Director.

3. Associations need to put the 2024 DC Salesforce World Tour on their radar. 

If you’re not already planning your trip to the 2024 Salesforce World Tour in DC, it’s time to make it official. Associations should consider attending the Salesforce World Tour event to experience all Salesforce can offer their organization. “The opportunity to see not only the latest and greatest with Salesforce but their ecosystem, up close and in person, is unparalleled at the Salesforce World Tour,” said Stewart-Kelley. 

Additionally, the Salesforce World Tour is free for all participating attendees, offering both in-person and on-demand engagement opportunities. “If an association is looking for an opportunity to experience unmatched product innovation, they should consider attending the Salesforce World Tour,” said Bachelor.

4. Salesforce can give your association a competitive advantage.
If you’re looking for a leg-up on the competition, you might want to consider investing in Nimble AMS and Salesforce for your organization. “With the powerful combination of Nimble AMS and Salesforce, associations can leverage the same world-class CRM technology used by the largest companies and government agencies,” said Steve Warner, Solutions Engineering Manager. The Salesforce platform offers true innovation with features like AI, predictive analytics, and automation to streamline staff processes and enhance the member experience.  

You’ll be amazed at Salesforce’s user-friendly experience and appreciate how the platform helps your organization save time. “Associations love how much more they’re able to accomplish now that they’re using Nimble AMS on Salesforce,” said Bachelor. “With a robust CRM, automation, and innovative features, their manual processes are significantly reduced, resulting in more free time spent on more meaningful efforts.” 

Learn more about the powerful combination of Nimble AMS and Salesforce

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