Catch Nimble AMS at the 2024 Salesforce World Tour in DC!

The Nimble AMS team is excited to attend the 2024 Salesforce World Tour in Washington DC! On April 10, our team will join thousands of trailblazing peers and association professionals, as attendees discover the many ways Salesforce can drive success at their organizations.

Learn how Nimble AMS and Salesforce can capitalize on AI, data, CRM, and trust at your association. Read our blog for more reasons why you don’t want to miss the Salesforce World Tour in DC.

What is the 2024 Salesforce World Tour?

The Salesforce World Tour is a series of free, one-day events in multiple locations across America and the world. The DC Tour features 80+ sessions you can attend to learn about the latest technology solutions to drive efficiency at your organization.

Best of all, the Salesforce World Tour is completely free for all attendees. Register here.

Are you traveling to DC for Salesforce World Tour, or are you local to the area? You’re invited to register for the special Nimble AMS event on April 11—Beyond the Hype: Harnessing the Power of AI and BI in Your AMS. Register now.

Why our Nimble AMS team recommends you attend the 2024 Salesforce World Tour

Is your association ready to get on board with Artificial Intelligence (AI)? AI is here whether you’re ready or not. Learn directly from AI product experts at the 2024 Salesforce World Tour and discover what’s possible for your association to accomplish!

Here are three more reasons the Nimble AMS team recommends your organization should attend the Salesforce World Tour in DC:

1.) Learning

Discover more ways your organization can succeed with innovative technology like AI. At the 2024 Salesforce World Tour, you can hear from industry leaders, watch product demons, and attend expert-led workshops. With 80+ sessions to choose from, your association can easily boost the value of your software solutions, empowering your staff administrators.

Try to make it to these sessions and more:

  • Connect, Automate, and Scale AI-Powered Experiences
  • Enhancing Salesforce with Generative AI
  • How to Adapt Your Analytics Strategy in an AI World
  • The New Nonprofit Cloud Roadmap Session

2.) Networking

Strengthen your connections with industry experts and association professionals during dedicated networking receptions. The Salesforce World Tour also offers sessions with specific industry issues, assisting your association and allowing you to connect with other organizations in your industry.

3.) Innovation

Attend the 2024 Salesforce World Tour to discover how Salesforce and Nimble AMS can empower your entire organization. Learn how our powerful platforms can help you increase organizational efficiency and enhance your association’s member experience.

Learn more about Nimble AMS at the 2024 Salesforce World Tour!

We’re so excited to see you at the 2024 Salesforce World Tour in Washington DC. Don’t miss out on an exciting opportunity to learn, network, and innovate with your industry peers. And while you’re there, make sure you connect with our team in the Campground!

Learn more about the powerful combination of Nimble AMS and Salesforce

Are you ready to discover even more reasons Salesforce and Nimble AMS can benefit your association? Download our free toolkit: Salesforce for Associations.

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