Managing Speaker Interactions Through Speaker Hub

Beth Farrar

March 20, 2015

    Speakers are the core of the event or conference experience. Event planners and staff need a convenient way to engage with speakers and request action when appropriate. LeadingAge, a Nimble AMS client, was looking for a better way to manage this process.

    Speaker Hub Components

    Speaker Login Page
    Selected and prospective speakers can easily log into the Speaker Hub with their existing LeadingAge Credentials or create a new account if they do not already have one.
    The Hub Landing Page
    Once authenticated, the speaker is taken to a landing page and can see all of the available opportunities/events.
    Access blocked to non-speakers
     Hub Home Page
    Speaker Bio Page
    Registration Details Page
    AV Request Pages
    Upload Presentation Pages
    Speaker Evaluations Page

    Speaker Hub Highlights

    Speakers can:

    • Gain direct access to the Speaker Hub through a custom login page (less clicks). Once logged in, speakers can go to “My Conferences” to find events that they are participating in.
    • Update their contact information and biographies.
    • Submit specific audio/visual requests (Mic, Wifi etc).
    • Upload a document such as a presentation.
    • Get a reminder to register if they have not already done so and receive instructions on where to go to register.
    • Review peer-evaluation scores post-event.

    LeadingAge Staff can manage Speaker Hub elements through the staff-view known as “Session Planner”. Here they can:

    • Control access to the Speaker Hub on a per-event basis.
    • Upload event-specific logos and graphics so speakers immediately recognize where to do.
    • Remind speakers of important deadlines, with the system automatically knowing the last time a deliverable was updated. For example, if a speaker has not recently saved a bio or an item is blank, the deliverable is marked as incomplete until speaker makes a selection and saves it.
    • Track overdue or missing speaker deliverables with reports in Nimble AMS.

    About LeadingAge

    LeadingAge is a national association with approximately 6,100 members including non-for-profit organizations, state partners, business firms, individuals and other organizations in the aging and continuing care community.  LeadingAge provider members cover the spectrum of aging and care services, including senior housing, assisted living, nursing care, continuing care retirement communities and home-and-community based services. 

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