How to optimize member marketing with AI

Has your organization used Artificial Intelligence (AI) to do basic marketing tasks? If not, it might be time to consider leveraging AI to improve your member marketing strategy.

Read our blog to learn helpful tips to get started using AI in your association’s member marketing.

What is member marketing?

Membership marketing is a strategy used to acquire new members, increase member engagement, renew current members, or bring back members from the past. You can also use Artificial Intelligence to help your association be more intentional in hitting your member-marketing goals, ensuring you drive membership, increase engagement, and boost retention.

What are the benefits of member marketing for large organizations?

There are many benefits of having a member marketing strategy for your enterprise association. With a member marketing strategy, you can accomplish the following:

  • Grow your membership
  • Enhance engagement with your current members
  • Boost your organization’s reputation within your industry

5 tips to advance your association’s member marketing with AI

Now that you understand the importance of leveraging member marketing at your association, it’s time to embrace a member marketing strategy. Here are five ways to advance member marketing with AI:

1. Member acquisition

Member acquisition is perhaps one of the main reasons your association would form a member marketing strategy. Here’s how AI can help you enhance your next member acquisition campaign:

  • Build your audience. Leverage AI to optimize how you communicate with potential members, using communication resources like emails, digital advertising, social media, and more.
  • Optimize your member referral program. Use AI to personalize your member referral program with customized incentives or perks for members who invite colleagues to events. Also consider thanking new members for joining your organization by offering discounts to your annual conference or other big-ticket events.
  • AI-optimized member onboarding content. Your first interaction with a member can set the tone for their entire membership journey. Your association should strive for an onboarding process that’s not only streamlined, but also personalized. Leverage AI to ensure your onboarding process is customized to meet your members’ needs.

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2. AI-driven member segmentation and targeting

With the right association management software (AMS,) you can use AI to segment your member groups to target specific actions. For example, you can use AI to segment your members into a three-tiered group based on member renewal status: high risk, medium risk, and low risk of renewal.

Once your members are sorted into the corresponding group, you can launch personalized email campaigns to reach the members who haven’t yet renewed their memberships. In the communications, you can remind them of key membership benefits and suggest steps for renewal before a membership lapses.

3. Event marketing

Leverage AI and your membership data to better promote your associations upcoming events. AI can help you personalize how you promote your member marketing approach based on previous member event attendance.

When you leverage AI and your attendees’ preferences and behaviors, you can customize which events you advertise to your members.

4. Continuing education opportunities

More association members are looking to professional organizations for education and training. While the value members place on content from their professional organization is rising, Community Brands research found that it’s falling for other sources, like LinkedIn and Google. Maintain your organization’s edge by taking advantage of growth opportunities by giving members more ways to learn.

You can use AI to promote new continuing education courses, certification programs, webinars, and training opportunities at your association, based on your members’ previous activities and interests.

5. AI-enhanced member churn prediction

Has your organization ever faced the reality of lapsed membership? What if your association could leverage AI to predict at-risk members, recommend suggested actions to boost renewal, and increase member retention? With AI, this can be a reality!

Leveraging AI can help you gain valuable data about your members, ensuring you understand their levels of engagement or why they might want to leave your association. AI can create recommended actions, helping your staff make smarter decisions, ensuring you reach out to members prior to a lapse. Finally with AI, you can help streamline the membership renewal processes to save staff time, offering a more personalized membership marketing experience.

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Learn more about AI and member marketing

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