Meet your association-specific needs with Nimble AMS and Fíonta’s powerful partnership

Nimble AMS is excited to announce our new partnership with Fíonta, a leading Salesforce consulting firm. Since 2001, Fíonta has served almost 1,200 associations, nonprofits, and foundations, assisting with implementation and driving successful software adoption.

To meet the unique needs of associations and member-based organizations, the innovative partnership of Nimble AMS and Fíonta will offer an extensive suite of services.

“Fíonta’s proven track record in delivering exceptional Salesforce solutions and their deep understanding of associations make them an ideal partner,” said Jeffrey Golembiewski, VP, Business Solutions & Partnerships at Nimble AMS. “This collaboration enables us to provide a comprehensive and tailored approach to association management, delivering unparalleled value to our clients.”

We recently sat down with Mark Patterson, CEO of Fíonta, to get his take on the new partnership:

Why are Nimble AMS and Fíonta forming this innovative partnership? 

Mark Patterson, CEO of Fíonta: Nimble AMS and Fíonta are delighted to join forces, combining our expertise in Salesforce and deep history of working with associations. Through this partnership, we will empower associations to serve their members better and achieve strategic objectives through technology.

What attracts Fíonta to Nimble AMS and Salesforce? 

Patterson: Nimble AMS has an excellent reputation in the market as a Salesforce solution that is feature-rich and easy to use for association staff. With Fíonta’s extensive experience helping nonprofits and associations adopt and support Salesforce, it’s a natural fit for Fíonta to be able to provide implementation and support for Nimble AMS clients. 

What does Fíonta like about Nimble AMS and Community Brands?

Patterson: Community Brands offers a comprehensive array of products that serve the association and nonprofit market. The opportunity for Nimble AMS clients to leverage best-of-breed complementary solutions across event registration, education and learning management, and fundraising and giving solutions is compelling. 

“Nimble AMS has an excellent reputation in the market as a Salesforce solution that is feature-rich and easy to use for association staff.”

What is Fíonta’s connection to associations? 

Patterson: Headquartered in Washington, DC, Fíonta has been working with associations to implement customer relationship management (CRM) systems, including Salesforce, to manage member data, track interactions, and streamline processes since its founding in 2001. Many Fíonta employees have direct association experience, and Fíonta’s CEO, Mark Patterson, has worked in the association space since 2009.

How can associations benefit from working with Nimble AMS and Fíonta?

Patterson: Nimble AMS’s customizable features and Salesforce integration and Fíonta’s expertise in technology solutions for associations allow organizations to enhance data management, reporting, and decision-making while optimizing their digital presence and marketing strategies.     

Learn more about Nimble AMS and Fíonta’s powerful partnership

Meet your association’s unique needs with the Nimble AMS and Fíonta partnership. With our comprehensive suite of services, your member-based organization can exceed your goals and focus on your mission.

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