Keep cool with the Summer ‘20 release of Nimble AMS

It may be hot outside, but we’re keeping it cool with our latest release.

Here are the exciting new features Nimble AMS customers can expect.

This summer will likely not go in the books as the most fun. But, it’s going to be brighter for our customers with the Summer ’20 release of Nimble AMS.

In our last release (Spring ’20), we introduced capabilities for social collaboration, member lapse prevention, Expo Logic badge[on]demand Integration, and more.

Here are the key features coming in Summer 20.

Lighting Store improvements

We’ve made improvements to the Lightning Store to help our customers deliver an even better purchasing experience for their members.

We’re giving customers more control over the product categories displayed, opened up more options for how to display product information, and added support for products across entities – just to name a few of the improvements.

Lightning Store Cross-Sell

Cross-sell functionality will provide associations an opportunity to sell more products and services to their constituents – helping to improve visibility of products and services and increase revenue and member engagement.

Organizations can offer multiple products and services for users to buy through Lightning Store. When someone is browsing through the online store to purchase a product or service, cross-sell functionality provides an opportunity for the organization to promote other products and services which might be of interest to the store visitor.

Nimble Communities

Originally released in Spring ’20 as a closed pilot, this feature is now an open pilot for any interested customers! Nimble Communities are a place for associations and their constituents to collaborate on content in real time, share files, and directly connect with each other.

Nimble AMS customers can take advantage of a wealth of association-specific features to create a branded, personalized community experience that engages their constituents and brings the association experience right to members’ fingertips, wherever they are.

One payment, staff view

Associations often receive a single payment that must be applied to multiple orders – for example, a company paying individual membership dues or event registration fees for all its employees.

Nimble AMS now provides a robust, yet efficient and user-friendly way for the association’s staff to apply a single payment to multiple orders. The one-payment feature also allows users to select orders with an outstanding balance and apply a single payment.

Scheduled, installment, and recurring payment improvements

We’ve made multiple improvements to enhance the member experience while making associations’ staff more efficient.

Increased visibility of recurring payment options throughout the order process – from adding products in a cart to looking at a submitted order record to setting up recurring payments on an order item – will reduce extra clicks for staff users. An improved experience for members setting up installments will encourage more members to use the functionality.

Taking it to the next level

In the Summer ’20 release, a number of features (which were introduced in previous releases) have been promoted out of Pilot status and are available for all customers to enable. These features include:

The Nimble AMS Summer ’20 release is ready to make this a more exciting summer for our customers! To learn more about all this release offers, check out the release notes at

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