Nimble AMS Winter ’19 Release

Matt Rist

Director of Product Delivery

All the signs of fall are here – kids are back at school, football is upon us and its pumpkin spice everything. But, here at Nimble AMS, we are all about Winter. Not only do we have some exciting new features coming out in our Winter ’19 release, it’s also our 20th seasonal release of Nimble AMS!  We are excited to celebrate this great milestone with new tools to help grow your association.

So, what’s new?

Growing revenue, while delivering member value.

Today, most of us can’t live without our subscription services – whether it’s Amazon Prime or Netflix.  The Digital Member Study found that 84 percent of members surveyed have an online subscription. With subscription services being the norm, associations have started to follow suit.

During the Summer ’18 Nimble AMS release, we began our flexible payments initiative. With flexible payment options, your association most certainly should see an increase in revenue while your members have easier options to engage with your organization. In Winter ’19, Nimble AMS added two new payment options to make it easier for your members to renew their membership and purchase additional product offerings.

Installment payments

Installment payments can make membership and product offerings seem more affordable to members and prospective members. Affordability is most often a concern for those members that pay their dues out-of-pocket, such as students or retirees. An annual investment of $600 versus $50 a month could be exactly what those perspective members need to complete their application.
How does it work in Nimble AMS? Members and staff can schedule a payment for an order to be made in installments over time. Members can use installment payments in six different pages in Community Hub. Staff can also easily process orders with installment payments in Staff view.

Scheduled payments

Scheduled payments enable your association to receive a payment commitment from members when you have their attention. Scheduled payments can be extremely useful for event sponsorship commitments or with organizational memberships. Once your staff has the commitment, payment can be scheduled and automatically processed on the agreed upon date.
How does it work in Nimble AMS? Members and staff can schedule a payment for an order to be made in the future. Members can use scheduled payments in six different pages in Community Hub. Staff can also easily process orders with scheduled payments in Staff view.

Driving growth with data insights that bring trends to life.

Member engagement is one of the most important factors in the overall success of any association. Tracking and measuring member engagement is essential to building a loyal membership base, growing event attendance and converting prospects into members.

Engagement tracking

There are many different ways that members interact and volunteer with your association. When your associations tracks engagement and engagement patterns, you can use that data to personalize the member journey and improve members’ experiences. Ultimately, increasing your member retention and satisfaction rates.

How it works in Nimble AMS? Members and staff can manage and track engagement through Community Hub. Some of the engagement types we’ve included by default are Event Speaker, Moderator, Content Creator/Editor, Volunteer, and a Testimony. Your association can create additional types to track other types of engagements with your members.

Publication and issue tracking

Many associations have various publications they create and manage such as journals, books and blogs. Engaging members in guest posts are imperative to providing your members with a variety of content while providing another avenue for your members to engage with your association.
How it works in Nimble AMS? Staff members can set the type of publication, it’s frequency, the product offerings for the publication, and its issues. These issues can be linked to the engagement functionality also being release in Winter ’19 so you can track publication issues from content creation, publication, and finally to sale.

Winter ’19 includes exciting new features to assist you in growing your organization through new flexible payment options and engagement tracking providing you with more data insights. To learn more about everything Winter ’19 has to offer go to

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