Nimble AMS has your back with trustworthy, pain-free upgrades

“Best practice is our only product practice.” Not only is the saying one of our core product principles at Nimble AMS, but it’s also the guiding light for our product release methodology.

For more than a decade, (or 37 major releases at the exact time of this blog), the Nimble AMS product team has mirrored Salesforce’s ideal product upgrade model. For organizations using Nimble AMS, this means they are receiving product innovation throughout the year on a similar schedule to what they receive from Salesforce. When Salesforce releases a new product update to all customers, Nimble AMS does the same—three times a year, year after year.

That’s a lot of product innovation, enhancements, and mandates that occur each year. Organizations need an association management software (AMS) vendor that has a strong, secure, and risk-free release methodology. You need a partner that not only understands the impact of their own product releases, but also the impact of Salesforce releases.

Continue reading to learn more about how Nimble AMS stands apart from the competition, removing the worry from product upgrades.

How Nimble AMS supports customers during every product release

During the testing of the Salesforce Spring ’24 release, our team discovered an issue with mandatory global access for aura components. This was not included in the Salesforce release notes, but during testing, our team found flows on the Nimble AMS member portal, Community Hub, were failing. Our product team worked with Salesforce to identify that this was a new mandatory update release and found a simple solution.

We identified a small percentage of our customers were impacted by this new mandate. We were able to personally reach out to each customer and provide simple instructions on how to update so they didn’t have these automations fail. Additionally, our team offered to help address the issue if a customer was uncomfortable following the instructions on their own. Our Nimble AMS team is always available to help should a customer need it.

Product upgrades and release philosophies matter

You’re investing in technology for today and tomorrow. How you receive updates and product enhancements is an integral part of how you maximize your software investment.

We built Nimble AMS with the belief that upgrades should be risk-free and easy on associations. You already have enough to stress about; upgrading your technology shouldn’t be another hassle. Organizations shouldn’t have to upgrade themselves or figure out how a Salesforce release will affect their production environment.

That’s why the Nimble AMS team delivers the following:

  • Constantly and consistently innovate with three major releases a year in addition to multiple maintenance releases each year. (For 12 years straight!)
  • Production upgrades are rolled out in groups, which is facilitated by our Nimble AMS tooling, so customers never have to upgrade Nimble AMS themselves.
  • A full Salesforce Sandbox is a must. Customer sandboxes are updated before each release with a preview version and all local Apex tests are run for everyone. (Another benefit: Throughout the year, your team can continue to take advantage of the full sandbox for testing, training, and more – at no additional cost.)
  • New major features are introduced as pilots to selected subscribers to obtain early feedback.
  • A detailed change log is kept for each release, itemizing each change to the product.

With a core product principle of “Best practice is our only product practice,” associations using Nimble AMS have a dedicated technology partner that has their back for each and every release.

Learn more about the importance of continuous product updates

Your association shouldn’t worry about product updates. With continuous software releases, Nimble AMS offers the latest technology. Discover how your organization can innovate with Nimble AMS and Salesforce.

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