2024 is right around the corner! Are you ready to hit your goals in the New Year? 

We’re here to help! Prepare your association for success in 2024 by reading our blog. You’ll discover the top membership trends of 2024.    

5 membership trends to prepare your association for success in 2024

Get ready to hit your membership goals and exceed expectations. Check out our top five membership trends for 2024: 

1. What members want

According to the latest Community Brands Association Trends Study, the top member benefits from previous studies are even more important this year. Benefits like training, certifications and credentials, fueling industry growth, advocacy, and help with career advancement are all up significantly from last year.

Here are the top member benefits of 2024: 

  • Professional standards or code of ethics
  • Representing your interests
  • Providing industry-specific information
  • Training
  • Certifications or credentials
  • Fueling industry growth
  • Advocacy
  • Help with career advancement
  • job opportunities
  • Networking and referral opportunities 

2. Where members seek training and educational opportunities

When it comes to professional education and training, members turn the most to their employer or association. Among those top sources, more members rate the quality of professional education and training from their association as “excellent” than those of their employer (50% versus 38%).

3. Members want help with career advancement

Almost half of members rank career advancement help as a top priority, growing considerably from previous years.  
The usage of, and interest in career advancement help is highest among Gen Z and Millennials. 70% of members in retail/sales and 66% of members in technology/IT are seeking help in career development.  

4. Members are using online communities

Nearly half of members have used their organization’s online community. Those who have used it report higher loyalty metrics. 52% of members who use their online community report a strong sense of connection versus those who don’t (20%). 52% of association professionals say they engage with their members on their online community platform. 
When it comes to using an online community, 51% of members prefer to connect on their association’s online community versus 43% who engage on LinkedIn, and 32% who use Facebook.

5. Associations overestimate the importance of events 

Meetings, events, and tradeshows continue to be a large source of revenue for membership organizations. However, findings show that association professionals continue to overestimate their importance to members.   
Even though events are among the top ways members engage with their organization, they rank low on the member benefit list, with just 36% of members prioritizing meetings and tradeshows. Multi-day conferences are also a lower priority for members, with 54% of members reporting they attend. 

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