Spring 17: Nimble AMS’ 15th Release and First AMS to Be Lightning Ready

Eliza Hammer

February 7, 2017


    Three times a year, NimbleUser and Salesforce release new features and functionality to all customers. In Spring ‘17 we focused on improving Affiliation, Company, and Roster Management in Community Hub, better handling organizations with large, complex membership structures, and becoming the first AMS on the Salesforce.com platform that is certified Lightning ready! A NimbleUser value is to be humble, but we can’t help but be proud of our team for achieving that certification.

    Lightning certified​


    Lightning Experience is a new, fast, beautiful user experience from Salesforce. It’s clearly the future for Salesforce and an important part of Nimble AMS’ future as well. With our Spring 17 release, Nimble AMS is now Lighting Ready certified! We have made sure that when you are ready to take advantage of Lightning Experience for your org, Nimble AMS is ready.

     Community Hub Affiliation Management


    Community Hub account management has improved and expanded with functionality for empowering individuals to manage their company affiliations. Individuals have easy tools to manage single or multiple company affiliations. Additionally, Company Managers can fully manage all aspects of their individual and company affiliations. Learn more.

    Community Hub Company Management


    Community Hub account management offers new functionality for managing company accounts. Company Managers now have a central place to view and manage all of the company demographic as well as the roster of affiliated individuals and locations. They can see all of the key and critical company demographics on a single page and are empowered to keep their parent company up to date and current. Learn more

    Community Hub Roster Management


    Community Hub account management has been expanded with new functionality for managing the various individual and location accounts under a company affiliation roster. A new Company Roster page has been added that brings together easy and flexible options for the company manager to fully add, edit, and remove child account. Learn more.

    Asynchronous Membership Flow Down Option


    The new asynchronous membership flow down option enhances the membership flow down functionality often used by trade associations or associations that offer organization level memberships. This new option provides associations the ability to regulate when a large affiliation structure will shift to an asynchronous format for membership flow down updates based on an active affiliation threshold configuration. Learn more.

    Spring ’17 marks Nimble AMS’ 15th Seasonal release. Work is already underway on Summer ’17. We are excited and committed to delivering continuous innovation to the association industry.

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