Four strategies to celebrate advocacy efforts at your association

Happy American Association Day 2023! Did you know that ASAE created American Association Day so associations could better advocate for themselves? This year, hundreds of association professionals gathered on Capitol Hill to share how their organizations contributed to the US economy. The group also worked to gather support for various economic development policies  
Advocacy is an integral part of the work of any association. Your advocates are busy petitioning local and federal politicians to build support for association-specific programs.  
Read our blog for strategies to highlight your association’s advocacy program and shout out your members and stakeholders  

How to highlight your association’s advocacy efforts to your members and stakeholders

Ensure your members and stakeholders know your association is dedicated to advocating for industry issues. Follow these tips to get started at your organization: 

1. Enhance your website. Dedicate space on your association website to update members and stakeholders about your advocacy efforts. Provide updates on ongoing policies and details on how members can volunteer with your advocacy program.

2. Boost member communications. Spread the word about your association’s advocacy efforts by leveraging various member communications. Use email newsletters, social media, mailers, and phone calls to spread the word about upcoming advocacy initiatives and request volunteers to participate.

To ensure a member advocate feels appreciated for their work, send a handwritten thank you note. You could also consider profiling member advocates on social media and sharing what policies they are petitioning.

3. Leverage your online community platform. To increase engagement within your organization’s advocacy program, try creating a sub-group in your online community dedicated to the member volunteers. Having a virtual group for advocates to discuss current policies and share pertinent documents will increase member connections.

You can also create another group in your online community to share general updates about your advocacy efforts, ensuring they reach all members. Use the group to share images and exciting details about your association’s advocacy program.

4. Host advocacy events. Consider hosting a special event about your advocacy program, highlighting what you’ve accomplished throughout the year. Take the time to thank your member advocates and their dedication to your industry. Create a thank you video highlighting their work throughout the year, and during the event let advocates share their favorite experiences.

At your already scheduled events or meetings, you can consider highlighting your advocacy program even more. For example, at member town halls, consider spotlighting your member advocates when they reach certain milestones. Or at special events, try taking 10 minutes to feature key members or stakeholders in your advocacy program.  

Celebrate advocacy at your association

Follow the tips in our blog to shout out your member advocates. For even more strategies to boost your advocacy efforts, read our free whitepaper: Four tips to supercharge your association’s advocacy program.

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