Top 3 ASAE Annual Sessions for Innovators

ASAE Salt Lake – I Can’t Wait!


If you are like me, you’re pumped for a great ASAE Annual Meeting. Here are the three top can’t-miss sessions that every innovator should see:

#1 – Leadership Lessons from a Prison, a Monastery, and a Boardroom


The presenter Matt Tenney is the author of a best selling book with the same title and the session will cover the following topics:What a provocative session title!

  • Attracting top talent
  • Increased engagement and lower turnover
  • A more innovative team culture
  • Better customer service
  • A better ROI on marketing efforts

When:  Sunday, August 14, 2016 4:00–5:00 p.m. ​

#2 – The Next Big Thing


Robert Stephens is a legendary Innovator (built and ran the Best Buy Geek Squad for 18 years), and author (The Geek Squad Guide to Solving Any Computer Glitch) and I am very interested in hearing his take on developing a culture of service and what is the next big thing in tech.
When: Monday, August 15, 4:00–5:00pm

#3 – Killer Apps for Aspiring CXO’s


Ok – I admit it – I am a sucker for these type of sessions. I have 200 apps on my phone but I love to hear about new and better apps and Beth Ziesenis (Your Nerdy Best Friend) is an expert on this. She has written a number of books including The 27+ Best Apps for Work…& How to Use ‘Em!. I’ll bet I will have a few more apps after this session!
When: Sunday, August 14 | 2:00 – 3:30 p.m.

See You There!

Let me know what sessions you think would be great for innovators. While you are at ASAE, stop by the Nimble AMS booth (look for the Silver Airstream Trailer) and say hi.

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