Winter ‘18: The 17th Release of Nimble AMS is on Its Way

Express Payments


​Community Hub Express Payment is a very simple concept, make it as easy as possible to allow an association to receive a payment for anything and from anyone. With the Winter ’18 release of Nimble AMS we are continuing our effort to streamline and remove barriers when placing orders and receiving payments in Community Hub. When a constituent receives an email from the association for an invoice with an outstanding balance, it contains a unique URL just for that specific invoice. When they click on this unique URL it directs them to a page where they can view the invoice in full along with a streamlined payment process. We removed even more barriers for the constituent by allowing guests to also process payments. The constituent can simply forward the email with the unique invoice URL to someone else to apply payment without logging in. By adding the unique Express Payment URL to all orders and carts, we are expediting the payment process for invoice the association may have.

Multiple Community Hubs


​Multiple Community Hubs is the latest advancement to the Nimble AMS Community Hub experience. This new functionality provides administrators with the necessary building blocks to setup and maintain additional Community Hubs. As before, the primary association can fully manage their ecommerce needs in their existing Community Hub. Now, any additional entities or affiliated associations also managed in Nimble AMS can have their own entity based Community Hub. Administrators have the tools to define each Community Hub’s look and feel as well as the unique Community Hub experience for that entity or association.

Community Hub Access Control


​The Community Hub Setup has been enhanced with even more point and click setup and configuration options. The new Community Hub Access Control functionality gives association administrators the power to define the conditional display options of various Community Hub components. Administrators can now add special display options to either show or hide a Community Hub component based on the association’s specific business rules with easy point and click tools. These tools allow you to show or hide Cards, Buttons, Pages or Navigation Menu Items in Community Hub with only a few clicks. Continuous improvement to the Community Hub Setup just empowers your association to do more and do it easily so your constituents have the best and most personalized experience in Community Hub.

Lightning Experience Optimization


​Lightning Experience is Salesforce’s reimagined user interface and it comes with a fresh new modern look for their users. Salesforce built Lightning Experience to make people more productive, and with Winter ’18, you can increase your staff’s efficiency with Nimble AMS optimized for Lightning Experience. With Lightning Experience enabled in your org, you will enjoy the hundreds of new Salesforce features and a streamlined Nimble AMS experience that is only available in Lightning.

Winter ‘18 is full of exciting new features, and once again, we are revolutionizing revenue generation. Express payments makes it easier than ever to accept payment for anything from anyone! Lightning Experience Optimization and Community Hub Access Control gives your staff and administrators more power and efficiency than ever. And last, but certainly not least, Multiple Community Hubs allow you to create tailored Community Hub experiences for your different entities and give your members a more tailored experience. To learn more about the features go to

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