Winter ‘18: The 17th Release of Nimble AMS is on Its Way

Matt Reiner

October 30, 2017

    ​The calendar might say fall, but at NimbleUser it’s time to put on a sweater and grab the skis! Our Winter ‘18 version of Nimble AMS is rolling out to all customers over the next few weeks.

    Highlights of Nimble AMS Winter ‘18

    Express Payment
    ​Express Payment delivers a simple way for you to accept payment, for anything – from anyone. Staff can now send a unique payment URL to their constituents, allowing them to easily view and pay their invoice, with or without logging in. Additionally, constituents can also forward this URL directly to their accounting department for payment. By adding Express Payment, we’re expediting the payment process and freeing up staff to focus on innovation, rather than renewal reminders.
    Multiple Community Hubs
    ​Nimble AMS can now meet the needs of associations managing multiple organizations. With Winter ‘18, customers can create Community Hubs—online constituent portals—for multiple organizations, each with its own style and content. This gives associations the power to create a related Community Hub completely different from their foundation Community Hub. We’re excited to see the new constituent destinations our customers create!
    Community Hub Access Control
    ​We’ve added Access Control to Community Hub, providing administrators even more control over their constituent’s journey. Administrators can now select which pages, components, and content display to individuals based on specific criteria, allowing for the creation of exceptionally personalized constituent experiences with clicks instead of code.
    Lighting Experience Optimization
    ​Salesforce’s new interface—Lightning Experience— offers a beautiful, intuitive, and intelligent way to take your team’s performance to the next level. As an app on Salesforce, Nimble AMS Staff View has been reimagined to harness the power of this new user interface and optimize association specific tasks. All new customers will use Lightning Experience, and we’re helping existing customers make the leap forward so they boost productivity, work smarter and take full advantage of the Salesforce-focused innovation keeping NimbleAMS at the front of the pack. 
    Feeling the chill? If you’d like to learn more about the Nimble AMS Winter ‘18 release or the release process, feel free to email Eliza Hammer at or check out

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