3 game-changers for your next association management software

Marie Smith

February 8, 2022

    When you’re looking for new software to manage your organization, you have many choices. 

    Here are three things to look for in your next AMS that will make a big difference for your association.

    Many associations are starting to re-think their technology strategy to adapt to our changing world. If you’re at the point of looking for new software to manage your association, you have lots of choices.  

    While there are many things to look for in modern association management software, here are three big ones that can be real game changers for your organization.

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    1. The many benefits of the true cloud.

    An AMS system built on a true cloud-based, enterprise-level platform offers multiple advantages. Here are some of the benefits of a system built in the true cloud:

    • You access the software when you need it and never have to deal with the complexities of managing the underlying mechanisms because the software vendor hosts, manages, and maintains the product.
    • You have instant access to the latest product features – with no hassles or extra costs – because product updates happen automatically.
    • Your system is cost-efficient because the software is multitenant. This means a single instance runs on a server that serves multiple customers. While you have access only to your data, the underlying computing power, data storage, and core features are shared.

    2. Time-saving process automation capabilities.

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    With the fast pace of digital communications in today’s evolving business world, process automation has taken on more significance for associations. Choosing an AMS with process automation capabilities built in allows you to easily set up business rules in the software that automatically route data and files between people and systems. This allows you to save time by automating routine, manual tasks.

    For example, you can automate:

    • Email communications to members based on members’ actions, such as registering for an event or paying membership dues
    • Membership renewals by allowing members to automatically renew membership, with the membership fee charged to the members’ credit card 
    • Reports that can be run and shared automatically via email to yourself or executive management

    3. Smart predictive analytics and artificial intelligence technologies.

    Investing in an AMS with predictive analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities is another way to work more efficiently. These technologies can help you by automatically making predictions about member behaviors and helping you proactivelya robot with a laptop and a man on top with a lighbulb deliver what your members need and want.

    For example, you can use predictive analytics and AI to do things like: 

    •  Automatically predict which members are most likely to lapse, and then target them with specific actions that encourage them to renew.
    • Plan your next event by using historical engagement data to make predictions. You can determine expected registrations based on historical member activity, making it easier to anticipate attendance and associated event logistics. 
    • Automate aspects of member service, such as answering/assisting with common questions via a chat bot to provide immediate response 24/7, freeing up staff to help with more complex inquiries. 

     Choosing a modern AMS system
    If you’re looking for these types of game-changing capabilities, take a look at Nimble AMS, which is built on the Salesforce CRM platform. It gives you the member management features you need with underlying Fortune 500-class CRM functionality. This combination gives you the many benefits mentioned in this article, and more.  

    Find out more about the benefits that come with choosing an AMS system based on the Salesforce platform: Read the guide, The Association’s Guide to All Things Salesforce. 

    A guide to help you understand why associations should use Salesforce

    Learn everything association leaders need to know about how Salesforce can help your association grow and innovate

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    Take a peek at the most trusted AMS on Salesforce, hands down.

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