How the Nimble Intelligence Donations dashboard can transform your fundraising goals

Is your association looking to gather valuable insights to prepare for your next fundraising initiative? With the right tools to track your data, you can focus on hitting your fundraising KPIs and increase staff efficiency.

Discover why the new Nimble Intelligence Donations dashboard is the key to transforming your member donations experience. Read our blog to learn how you can leverage Nimble Intelligence to gain valuable insights into the member donation experience and revolutionize your association’s fundraising goals.

What is Nimble Intelligence?

Nimble Intelligence is the new Artificial Intelligence tool from Nimble AMS, built to enhance your standard association reporting capabilities and transform your goals about member engagement, revenue, fundraising, and more.

Currently with Nimble AMS you get hundreds of pre-built, association-specific queries, reports, and dashboards. But with Nimble Intelligence you can take the next step in productivity.

Here’s what your organization gets with Nimble Intelligence:

  • 29% faster time to business insights
  • 28% increase in productivity
  • 26% decrease in time required to analyze data
  • 25% increase in close rate

(Average success metrics according to Salesforce)

What is the Nimble Intelligence Donations dashboard?

The Nimble Intelligence Donations dashboard is a small, but mighty feature. It serves as an enhancement to our existing donation functionality designed to help associations increase the frequency and amount of member donations while simultaneously providing additional information points that will assist in reporting.

The solution provides Artificial Intelligence predicted suggested donation values for each member account to drive the suggested donation amounts display when a member views the Donation LWC component.

Additionally, when you use the Nimble Intelligence Donations dashboard, you can gain valuable insights into your fundraising initiatives with visual indicators for your fundraising goals, helping you stay on track to meet your current campaign.

How does the Nimble Intelligence Donations dashboard work?

When leveraging the Nimble Intelligence Donations dashboard, staff can specify which donation components will use predicted values. Additionally, staff can configure what amounts will automatically be displayed. Choose from a flat rate spread or a percentage spread, then define the size of the spread.

For example, with a predicted donation value of $400 with a flat rate spread of 100, the member will be presented with three donation options: $300, $400, and $500 with the predicted value of $400 automatically selected by default.

Based on the member profile and past giving, the Nimble Intelligence Donations dashboard will highlight a digestible donation amount for your members, ensuring they will be more willing to donate to your association’s cause.

Learn more about Nimble Intelligence

Are you ready to transform your association’s fundraising goals? Choose Nimble AMS and the Nimble Intelligence Donations dashboard! Get started today.

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